Post COVID Ironman Announcement

We have developed Safe Return to Racing Operational and Safety Guidelines to be implemented when we start racing again. Visit our website to learn more:

I cant really make out exactly what theyre saying…perhaps because they are not being clear.

It seems like they’re suggesting you carry all your own fluid? I do that for a 70.3 bike some of the time (if not a hot race), but for a full…!?

And on the run, that’s a killer weight wise :thinking:

Basically a self supported Ironman? Should bring the entry cost down a bit then :thinking::roll_eyes:

Actually I’ve scanned it now and they’re promoting greater use of special needs bags, but there will still be self service aid stations. It will be environment dependent. So in Frankfurt, they will still provide crap tons of drinks, or it will be an apocalypse.

Reducing touch points by up to 90%? Never going to happen.

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Wonder what’ll happen to race entry fees…? Increase or decrease? And entry numbers? More or fewer spaces? Many transitions can’t be made any bigger…

If this goes ahead, and goes on for a while, I can see old hands (like many of us) finding other adventures.


There is no ‘or’


Nobody ever touched me in an Ironman :cry:

A woman applied sunscreen at Lanza but she was wearing gloves.

They will definitely charge more for that.

Pasty party will take place on Zoom. Athletes will be emailed a recipe for spaghetti carbonara.

No athlete currently on a ventilator will be allowed to start.

FFP3 face mask to be worn for whole event. DQ if it “slips down”.

Alcohol hand gel to be used as wetsuit lube.

In a dramatic new development, drafting rules will actually be enforced in at least 50% of races

Instead of a grubby medal, finishers will receive a prestigious email saying “well done”


Is this the westcountry version? Sign me up now! Sounds dreamy.


IM Cornwall… We should do it


This undermines the credibility of your entire post, for shame!

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Oh goodo. Maybe wales will go ahead. Just bury your drink/ food en route the night before like a squirrel - and if you can’t find your stash, raid someone else’s :grin:


Well, that made me laugh out loud!

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Instead of a rucksack that falls apart in 6 weeks, athletes will receive a prestigious branded face mask that falls apart in 6 days…


Also available to buy in our branded store.

and @TROSaracen - you are both aware that there is an Ironman branded facemask already, right?

I’m not saying they rushed anything, but…

This is a Pre-Order item. Orders contianing this item will be shipped separately. This item will begin shipping July 20th


FFS! :joy:

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The number of ‘virtual challenges’ out there though; it’s ridiculous. Trying to cash-in on the current situation, all a bit cynical, preying on some people’s lack of reality :sweat_smile:

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Virtually swim the channel and we’ll send you a medal, might charge you a few £££ but think of the achievement