I know it has no effect on me but makes me so pi$$ed when I see people who are experienced athletes taking part in come and tris and decimating the field and still take the come and tri trophy home.

Any athlete/race in particular?

Are these races not for first time athletes …?!
Surely the trophy / prizes should be for athletes new to the sport?
If someone wants to do a sprint/ super sprint?! Fair enough but they should forgo the prize…

One of my local races in Scotland, the guy is kitted out with a TT bike, HUUB AMEMOI trisuit and I look at him and think he really should be in the sprint. There is a series of races and he has won the last 2 come and tri events

Rant thread :see_no_evil::rofl:


To be fair, the context and level of competition is almost always mentioned when the “look at me, I won a triathlon” post goes up on ‘the socials’, along with the thanks to sponsors etc. :wink:


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Lionel Sandman just raced his “local” triathlon, Tecumsch Tri. As someone said you really feel for the person who came second

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So…is this like Olympic medal cyclists turning up to your local evening 10TT and taking that out?
Or the GB Tri squad turning up to a local evening 5km and taking that out?
Or a Test Match cricketer turning up to play in the West Country local league?

I’m just wondering where the lines are drawn for this one

I’d say cyclist and tri examples are fine, everyone is perfectly entitled to have some fun at a local event. The difference is if it specifically targeted at beginners.

Might be a slightly different point regarding the cricketer as completely changing a team sport, whereas my 5k wouldnt be affected by Alex Yee etc.

I guess he chose that one because you can run almost all of the swim…

Rant thread! Awesome.

I think Chriswim got it there. The Come And Tri events are for new starters - so just leave them be. Pick on someone your own size.

I had a similar question on here a while ago when I contemplated going in to the local sprint tri dressed up and on my wife’s commuter with basket and all. Was going to put a flower pot at the front and some “hidden” ITU tri bars. At 300w that’d still be moving at quite some pace.

I eventually decided not to, out of respect of the ones who turn up at a sprint event and consider it a major achievement to get through. Why discourage the ones who have taken that big step up, signed up for a triathlon and actually gone to the start line?

I might still do it some day but it’d be at least a half IM, if not a full IM. That’d be a challenge to me myself and I, and not just to piss all over newcomers to the sport.

So… Posers: F’off and challenge yourself instead.

(If you’re doing it for charity it’s a different thing)


Exactly. Which is what I don’t get?
The pointy end guy maybe wanted some race specific prep and the “Come and Try a Tri” events are dirt cheap in that respect.
Why pay £55 to prep for a quick T1 and T2, when you can pay £10 and seal the deal?
Maybe if we could see this person’s Instagram etc, lauding his “achievement” my “head would be turned”

Sounds a little douchey to me.

Tri is a bit of a funny composite sport, so you do get people who swam with swimming clubs as kids and are decent runners and cyclists, but have never done all three elements together in a triathlon. They’re always going to have a massive advantage over the more typical couch-to-tri crowd, or even the people with a background in just one of the disciplines. I think I finished in the top 3 in my AG in my first triathlon (Human Race Eton sprint).

I don’t see any issue with doing a “come and tri” type event for your first race, but it does seem a bit odd to do a whole series of them if the first race reveals that you have some talent for the sport. It’s not like cycling where you have to work your way up through the categories,