Power meters for idiots

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Bought 2 Stages second hand, and both were fine, sold them on with very little loss. Quarq was on Ebay as new old stock, paid £500 for a £1000 power meter, and had it replaced on warranty almost 2 years later.

I guess I have been lucky. Given what I hear about Garmin, would probably avoid used, however, I think that the Powertap pedals are very reliable

I think it’s indicative that those of us that have worked our way through various systems, have generally opted for the pedal solution in the end; the Assioma in particular.


I used SPDs before, but just swapped cleats to Look, no big deal, except I have a couple of spare SPD pedals

We have everything but pedals…

I bought both Powertap wheel & P2M second hand and they’ve both been flawless.
They both have a good reputation for reliability but, like anyhting else, it is a gamble. You can get a Powertap wheel for @£200 if you’re patient.

oh and the bottom bracket thing someone had 15 years ago (was it even you?)

Not seen the light yet

I was using a generation 2 ultegra left hand PM a few years ago. Battery life was crap. Drained very quickly (I’m talking a new battery every 2 days) got nowhere with warranty with that. Also found that it under read (although only comparing to others I rode with)

I like the flexibility of SPDs, I have double sided ones on my road/TT bikes and single sided (with platform on other side) on mountain bikes so I can wear the same cycling shoes on any or just trainers for the MTBs if tootling.

Pedals will mount in seconds on any bike with cranks manufactured in the last how many years… 50+?

You cannot say that about any other system; they all involve some kind of work-around with the wheels or BB, with one or all of your bikes.

Jim needs to ride his bike more

Yes, MTB/off road riding is the only area where you either cannot use pedal PMs, or to do so would damage the current crop of (road) pedals in short order, with muddy/gritty cleats.

Sure the pedals will go on the cranks, but what shoes do you use? not many cross shoes with keo cleats, and I’m not sure how they’d avoid getting clogged up with mud anyway?

See my post above Jim :wink:

Today I even moved to the bike without a power meter for the only riding I do at the minute!

I was set for getting some Faveros or Vercors but then I read that would be loosing significant watts to Speedplay aeros and now I don’t know what to do :upside_down_face:

This has got to be a joke, right?

Nope, fully legit 1st world problem haha.

Okay, in true ST fashion. Show us the independent data…