Prescription sunglasses

Anyone use prescription sports/sun glasses…any recommendations welcome thanks.

Got my goggles sorted last year and stopped getting lost in open water! Eyes have deteriorated somewhat and I’m thinking cycling might be a bit easier if I can see where I’m going when I finally get out again. Im short sighted but a fairly low prescription if that matters.

Maui Jim do prescription versions of theirs pricey but amazing. They can even do varifocals in case you need to read your Garmin. Adidas used to some where you added the prescription to an insert which works out cheaper.

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I’ve had a couple of pairs from might not be big name brands but are comfortable and work well


Another vote for Optilabs. I have 1 pair that I have had years. Comfortable and durable. I paid about £130 is a few years back.


I’ve got Oakley’s, but because of the ones I wanted and prescription I had to use a company that cut a lot of the lense out and replace it with your prescription, it looks a bit rubbish close up but ok if you don’t look too hard.

Also had Rudy Projects in the past, you could get specific lenses for them.

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Thanks all - few options there to follow up on.

My better half has some Rudy Project Ekynox SX with prescription lenses, they look good but unfortunately they don’t make them any more.

I tried on various other pairs with clip in lenses, but the just felt heavy and clunky

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Fairly sure that’s what mine are but had a problem with one of the arms, still use them occasionally but they’re a very old prescription.

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There are quite a few of the Oakley options with changeable lenses that you can get prescription lenses for.

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Got some oakleys now with easy swappable lenses so you can get different colours. As with Jeff they change the middle of the lenses so you get this weird looking fatter bit but pretty good. Before I had Bolle which I got in Chile for sbout £100 all in , lenses fully replaced with prescription and very comfortable. Looked and performed well. Couldnt find similar here unfortunately hence overpriced Oakleys. In the past I have had rx type lenses in Adidas glasses but wouldnt recommend though for tri as the insert was prone to coming out if you caught it when rushing thru T1 putting them on.

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Resurrect this if I may…

Whilst I can cope most of the time without my specs (long sighted); I’m finding a few instances where I’d really like the ability to read and not be blinded by the sun. Also be handy to have something for the indoor training (currently wear specs on turbo, but run without on treadmill as specs just bounce about).

Now I’d happily invest in a nice pair of prescription sunglasses; but I have 1 major problem - some weird wonky face/head where SO many sunglasses don’t fit me well. No matter how many times I adjust they always end up with 1 lens up close against an eye.

I did consider the optic inserts - as I have a couple of pairs of sunglasses that will take them; anyone use them?

Also on the prescription sunnies; whats the weight like? I’ve normally got a fairly thick lens (pay to have it thinned - think around 5-6 on the prescription).

Any random thoughts on this would be greatly received as completely new area to me.

Edit: also - any recent places you’d purchased from and would recommend please.

I’m biased, my Dad is an optometrist but if you’ve got a wonky face (pretty much everyone does) and a complex prescription, go speak to whoever you go to for normal glasses.

My Dad does Maui Jim prescription sunglasses which are about as good as they come. Not cheap mind.

I have prescription oakleys, from vision express - light as a feather, grip my head firm but light. They don’t bounce around running or cycling in them. Vision is better than my normal specs too.

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