Pro race chat (Tri)

I couldn’t find a single thread where we discuss the pro races etc. I think there tends to be a few niche topics that then spiral onwards and outwards.


Apparently Sanders has done a Redgrave. Despite saying his season was finished as he would no longer be competitive he’s decided to crash California, where they’re trying to really hype the Frodo vs Iden battle.

I’ll push the boat out and irk the LIONel fans and say he will be the slowest of the 3

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Would be interesting to see a season where he targets just a KQ and then Kona, clearly it’ll never happen though.

It’s all getting a bit odd. The mighty Lion appears to now be trained by Iden’s brother. Iden now joins Sam Long in making Lionel like YouTube content.

Feels like Lionel’s being sent out there to help Iden look good and get more exposure on YT (maybe to help chase Jan down on the bike as well).

Jan, of course, being very quiet……

It should be an intriguing little showdown anyway.

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@Symes Lionel is now Q’d for both May StG and Oct Kona WC’s.

So he could do just that……but May end race another 5 or 6 just because….


Didn’t know that. That’s an odd and intriguing mix there eh.

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And of course there is the obligatory Slowtwitch thread with multiple pages of argument about whether Sanders is one of the greatest or not :roll_eyes:

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Ruth Astle took her first pro win today at Ironman Mallorca just ducking inside 9 hours


I saw she was in the lead with about 10km to go, but it looked like she was getting closed down. Good to hear she held out for the win.

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Just catching up with this. Good work Ruth!

Looks like Wurf run out of a KQ (assuming two slots).

A mate did it, reported a ‘Chernobyl like meltdown’ on the run dunno if the meltdown was him or a heat thing.

Looks like Cali will be a bust. Iden has developed a cold apparently and this is the weather forecast.

It’s like this through to about 4am next day. They reckon 3 inches + of rain. California! Been in drought for the last decade……
Still tuning in, could be a fun watch!


IM California cancelled due to the weather

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ST rules mean that Lionel is effectively the winner


They’d originally cut the bike to 56 miles late yesterday but looks like it’s deteriorated further.

Looking at the thread on ST. It does sound bad but it does make me wonder how the seppos would have dealt with Wales in 2017, rain, cold, wind, hills and OMG, corners :rofl:

Edit that, got my years mixed up. Old age!

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To be fair the rain total in Sacramento was 5.5 inches by midnight. Reported mudslides, trees down etc. And as ever the decision has to take into account local emergency services, volunteers etc.

But I get your point……I would have ditched the disc and donned some toe covers🤪


Yeah definitely the right call on Cali. I east just musing really.

Interesting video. If these Norwegians get it dialed anywhere near what they’re expecting to, they’re gonna be flippin scary on an IM course

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LCB on the start list for WTCS Abu Dhabi

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Duffy too, and a couple of Americans. But I’m guessing 6 Brits in the top 10?