Project for Jorgan

Just saw this on an email from Thorsten at Tri Ratings, where he’s got involved in a ‘Kona bible for AGers’. Unfortunately it looks like it’ll be in German, so i thought it could be a little project for our favourite ex Deutschland resident. :grin:

Another fun 2021 project: Triathlon coach and author Matthias Knossalla has put together a wide team of German Triathlon experts to write “Der Kona Code” - a German-language book looking at important aspects for agegroupers thinking to qualify for the Ironman World Championships.

It’s much more than “just another training book”, for example there are chapters on periodization, on what’s required to qualify from a physiological point of view, about nutrition in general and during the race, osteopathy, mental strategies and making the best use of training camps. I provide a data-centric look: How does agegroup qualifying work, and what times are needed to snag one of the coveted Kona slots in your agegroup? We also have a chat with Anne Haug, and the foreword was written by Lionel Sanders. You can get the book in all bookstores in Germany, Austria or Switzerland or [order it on Amazon]

Please send photos when you see the book on display in your local bookstore or in an airport or train station!) Who knows, maybe the book will be popular enough that we’ll be asked to create an English-language edition? All of us would love a proper “launch event” in Kona!


Maybe it could be serialised on TT (like the latest kiss and tell blockbuster in the red tops), a couple of pages each day. :wink:


Being multilingual, bit middle class innit? :rofl:


You’ll get it one sentence at a time; I’m a bit swamped at work right now!


So you are saying you’ll do it…


It will just say get a copy of the Fink xlsx in German.


I hope not, I don’t read the Daily Fail or the Guardinista :joy:

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Rather than wait for me, use Google translate, it’ll be lot quicker :sweat_smile:

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So it is just another training book using Kona to sell it :wink:


In fact no translation needed. Which Germans said these two Kona coverage soundbites?

“I train hard, very hard”

"It doesn’t matter. I will race my race, and we will see"

Thomas ‘Hell on Wheels’ Helreigl?

Norman Staadler?

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Wolfgang Dietrich

Quite a fetching tri suit he had too

Edit - Dittrich


Phil Skiba’s previous books get good reviews and he has a new edition of the scientific training one coming out soon. I reckon that will be worth a read.

I have neither the genetics, time, drive or will to ever to go to Kona. So i won’t need this book anyway!


Couldn’t you use it to prop your front wheel up while on the rainer?


At times, I kid myself that I have those things. What I don’t have is the money!!!


oh yeah, i’m missing that too!!! Probably more than the others! haha