Protein powders

Do any of you take a protein powder after your workouts? I have been taking myprotein whey powder but have been getting an upset stomach within an hour or two after taking it. I’m thinking about trying one of their vegan powders to see if that helps.

Yes, but no stomach problems. Why do you think the vegan version would be better?

I switched from one The Whey to Impact which tasted like arsenic, but isn’t so bad in water rather than milk. Have you tried water?

I thought the switch from whey to soy or pea as it might be the whey that’s causing me the issue.

I rarely use them, only after big sessions and only if I need to do stuff afterwards (like gardening, DIY etc)

Maybe the dosage is too high?

I’ve always like PHd Diet Whey, Belgian chocolate flavour, it’s quite thick, but I tend not to have it straight after a workout. I sometimes have Rego with some of their protein powder in as well


The highly processed nature of protein powder means it can take a while for the gut to adapt. Typically, first time users might experience bloated sensation / exceptionally gassy! Take comfort that these windy symptoms pass as the body becomes more accustomed.

I didn’t get on with myprotein - found it didn’t mix as well. I order unflavoured whey from bulkpowders dot co dot uk - worth keeping an eye out as they routinely offer decent discount (last order 40% off).

Bit of a goldilocks, water too wishy washy, milk too thick… Combo is the sweetspot. Milk in shaker first (avoids powder sticking if not 100% dry), powder plus hit choc (Options, yum!), then top with water.

High Street brands offer such poor vfm… Especially with the amount I get through (rugby / weightlifting background). Routine: shake in the morning with a mountain of oats, then immediately after every hard training session - 30min magic window

I only take it after a big session like a long run, or high TSS ride. I can recommend the My Protein Impact Protein (Coconut) as pretty easy on the stomach, and the flavour doesn’t taste artificial. I mix it 50/50 water/milk, and chase down some BCAAs with it.

I have a chocolate kitchen-sink MP powder called ‘Extreme Perform Blend’ but it tastes so artificial and also makes me feel a bit queasy afterwards, so haven’t been using it of late.

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