Prudential ride 100

I think Box Hill is about 40km from the finish and once you get to Wimbledon you’ve got about 10km to go, all flat or downhill.

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I’m a one and done, 2018. I was in the second wave to go out. I loved it despite the pissing rain; tanking round the closed roads in a peleton at 23mph


With friends, yes.

On your own, no. And if you’re having a relatively casual ride, expect to be shouting “on your right!” a lot as they block the road all going the same pace on descents and flats.

Rubbing shoulders with two hundred riders on box hill is fun though! :yum:



Yeah, Hammerer made my point far more succinctly. :+1:

I see for £250 I can pay to enter directly, get a special backpack apparently worth £90, get some VIP treatment before the start and at the finish, and pick my own wave.

A rip off, but surprisingly tempting. Given it costs £79 to get in via the ballot, and what others say about what wave you are in being hugely important to how enjoyable it is, a £171 premium which includes breakfast and all that jazz, amazingly begins to sound reasonable…

You’ve been doing triathlon too long @stenard! :joy:


i’m tempted as well, I have a charity spot available but have exhausted quite a few routes of collecting harassing people for money from Berlin Marathon and a few other races lately. so it does look appealing.

I’d go easy on the breakfast if you’re planning on riding in one fo the early waves or you’ll be seeing it again pretty quickly. Every time I’ve done it I’ve been on the rivet from the start, covering well over 40km in the first hour.


Do the VIPs not have soigneurs handing out breakfast bidons somewhere out near Chobham once the initial pace has settled down and they’ve let the break go?


Funnily enough, I have seen people from the tour package companies handing bottles up to their riders so that they don’t have to stop at the feed stations and lose the group :rofl:

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There is a certain local cycling club that take the ride quite seriously and have some of their guys handing bottles out on the top of Leith :man_facepalming:t2::joy:

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Wasn’t their “local rider” actually just an ex-domestic rider who’d lapsed enough to get in. (Not that our club can really talk with our “palmares” there)

Yes possibly. Wouldn’t surprise me.

Yes. Finished in 3:53

So Ride London is back and heading to Essex on 29th May 2022.

Entries open today and the first 10,000 places are first come, first served. I’ve just entered and got straight in without the ballot :sunglasses:


I saw but out of the country that day.

That’s a long way to Box Hill!

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I think that’s the point :rofl:

It looks like the route starts in the Olympic Park, heads out into Essex and finishes back on the Mall.

Time for a Zwift update? :rofl:


That’s going to be carnage isn’t it? Not a single hill on the route, just pack after pack sprawled all over the road at every corner? It was bad enough before but at least by the time you got to newlands it was forced to spread out a bit?

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Funnily enough, the entry form does ask if you’ve ridden in any mass participation cycling events and if you regularly ride in groups.

Maybe they’ll put the people who know how to ride in a group together and then everyone else in a chopper’s wave? :rofl: