PTO races as an age grouper

Hello Everyone,

Did anyone take part in any of the PTO races last year and in particular Ibiza? Its cropped up enough with all their advertising to get me thinking about it and wondered what it was like?

Date works for me, and its an easy place to get too and just looking for any views on accommodation availability and general good or bad thoughts.


Nelson PK

I could be mistaken but I think last year PTO did not run an age group race at Ibiza as it was part of World Triathlon multi sport.

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Thanks @Bosco64

Given I couldnt find anything at all that makes sense

Asked a friend who did Singapore. He had no complaints, felt all very smooth for registration etc and essentially equivalent to IM, but better if you’re interested in pro racing seeing them all around registration, with sponsors and out training before hand etc.

Hadn’t thought about it, but if there’s still entries flights accommodation in May I might have a think about it.

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Thanks for that Chris. It was the pro racing and being able to see that over the same course that was appealing. Still pondering but its going to boil down to cost unfortunately