Public liability insurance - BTF & Ironman

Rather miffed to find that membership (essentially a race licence) is £56 but if you want public liability insurance for ironman it’s £78. FFS.

Does anyone know if you have any insurance as part of your entry etc? I’ve never considered it before but after a few incidents in the UK I am more wary.

Does your travel insurance have anything?

I’m not renewing my BTF licence in August; I’ll just get the BC cover/membership instead.

I’ll have a look.
Normally I only take membership to give me a race licence for events so I need it for that.

I never worry about the extra cost of the insurance, why not be covered? I’m a member of BC and CTC both of which have liability and I’m also covered on my contents insurance.
If I did join the BTF I’d tick the option, it’s £22. Hit a kid who is crossing the road at the wrong time and that £22 = your house.

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Been discussed on TT1.0 before. BTF does not give you personal medical cover whilst racing abroad, let alone public liability. Many travel insurance policies also won’t cover sports events, but Insure & Go do.

This is the bit that you have to buy a day ticket for if you’re not a member of a national federation. If you’re planning on racing in the UK but you’re only planning on doing one M-dot race it probably isn’t worth bolting the extra cost onto your BTF fees.

But the extra public liability insurance is only while you are racing in an Ironman and you have to buy public liability insurance for any race whether it’s via a national federation membership or a day ticket.

That said, I’d definitely make sure I had public liability insurance while cycling, especially after the recent case in London.

Sorry, am a bit confused now.

  • according to BTF I can buy membership ‘level 1’ which will be accepted as national federation membership for a european m dot race
  • there is also ‘level 2’ which includes public liability insurance for ironman events which implies level one doesn’t have that.
  • do I get that insurance anyway with my entry then?

(let’s ignore travel insurance as I can’t believe it will cover any sort of racing)

Where are you seeing that? The table here shows IM cover only with “ultimate” membership -

I haven’t been a BTF member for years. The website implies that the structure of the membership and the insurance cover provided has changed this year

so if I am only doing one m dot race they wouldn’t accept my ‘normal’ level membership.

So I might as well buy a day ticket when I get there, and not bother with the membership (I am only getting it for my m dot race)

Pff, you’re probably right. I only re-joined the BTF to ‘save’ that €20 in registration too :unamused:

BTF can swivel next year.

I wanted to be as covered as possible for Lanza this year and as I understand it my top level membership with BTF covers me for racing abroad. Whenever I mentioned racing to other companies it was either not covered or higher premium. So I paid the increase from basic to the top level.
I didn’t crash, injure myself or wipe anybody else out so didn’t matter, had I done any of those I hope I would have been covered (the lady at the BTF told me I would be!) but until it happens I will not know.

What did you think you were actually covered for out of interest? You make it sound like you thought you were covered if you injured yourself. But BTF’s website is very clear it doenst cover medical bills. So I would hope you had travel insurance, that allows Ironman racing, as well? If not, and you thought you were covered, then I would certainly be complaining to BTF about whoever advised you.

Thank you, I believed I had everything covered.
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I believed I was covered for medical expenses, my travel insurance does not cover racing.

My bike insurance covers daily PI/PL and that includes racing. When I do Lanza I can extend my cover to Europe.

Am I right in thinking I still need to be a BTF member for a EU IM race regardless of other insurance? I.e. you cant buy a day licence?

Who is that with ? I would like the peace of mind.

I think I need to add the racing PI/PL to my travel insurance for Hamburg; oh and book parking at LHR!

No I think you can buy a day licence at any race. You’ll certainly be OK to do that at Lanza. I think a lot of folks buy BTF membership before racing in France because it gets them around the requirement for a medical certificate, but plenty of people just pay for the doctor’s note.