Pull out/rotating TV wall brackets

We are looking to stick a TV on the wall in the kitchen extension (~50-60") and need something that will sit fairly flush to the wall when viewing straight on, but then be able to pull out and rotate ~180 degrees so I can watch sport whilst cooking :slight_smile:

This kind of thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPqtIXZFse8

Anyone got any experience with these? It’ll be attached to an external (breeze block) wall and I can talk to the plasterer to potentially recess the bracket so the bracket sits flush against the wall rather than the plaster board - would need to cut out some plaster board obvs. This should help with allowing it to sit flatter against the wall.

I have one very similar, albeit with a much smaller TV (32"). You wont be able to attach it to the plasterboard, its too big and heavy. You could go through the plasterboard into the block and keep it flush against the plasterboard but this could possible crush the plasterboard with the force pushing against it.

I cut out a square of plasterbaord and then attached directly to the block wall (internal breeze). However, this means that it wont go flush against the wall then folded, because the bracket now presses against the edge of the plasterboard. You would have to cut a much larger hole to allow the bracket to go flush and that would leave a bit of a mess. You would then need to try and plaster the block and adding in some edging. Think that will be a right fiddle.

Probably your best option would be to cut out a length of plasterboard between two studs. Add some noggins where you want the TV to go (possible with some diagonal support braces also). Then put new plasterboard over the hole, tape, and plaster the joint and paint. Then fix the mount directly to the noggins.That way the mount if flush to the plasterboard, but has support directly behind it to take the weight and pressure.

ETA - or mount directly on the noggins, and then plasterboard around it so its flush with the plasterbaord, rather than sitting on top.

Thanks for the input @GRamsay

I should have said that this is a new wall, not plasterboarded yet, so all options open, especially since it’s an external wall with no studs.

You’re point about it not folding flat if the plasterboard hole is just the size of the bracket fixing is a good one. As is the weight crushing the board (at the bottom I suppose). So maybe a hole in the plasterboard containing a noggin to which the bracket is fixed is the answer.

Also you’re right, edging the hole in the plasterboard is a bit of a faff, I will just make sure the plasterer is well fed and watered :wink:

Ah makes it easier if the wall isn’t plastered yet. Forgot it was a block wall with no studs.

One thing you might able to do its use some spacers, washers etc to lift the bracket away from the wall so its flush with the plasterboard

Those Vogels are brilliant. My mate has one and is absolutely the one we will get when we decorate the lounge. (we are on stud wall, so will be using the stud kit).

Went for the extra slim Vogel 180 in white. Will take some pics once it’s done in a few weeks.

The builder (father-in-law, I married handily :wink: ) spoke to the plasterer and he is going to do some magic (i.e. packing that part of the wall with something more solid) so that it can be fixed on top without the need for spacers/washers. The Vogel bracket means only a 35mm gap from TV to the wall so I can live with that given the location.