Quality Slowtwitch/IMJ Threads

I’ve been following the Approximately how much (sp) calories do you eat a day?

There’s the one who calculates that on an average day he bikes 56 miles, swims 1.2 and may throw in a run for good measure (4-6k calories including 1kg of spuds for dinner) and there’s the full size male who claims he puts on weight when eating more than 1400kcal. I swear some of them are deluded as to what is normal!

Do share any good ones you find.



Total lolz though.
I’m on 1.8k to 4k, training and alcohol depending

“1kg potatoes/sweet potatoes with 125g of SalomoN”

A bit hardcore eating your old trail shoes!

This is AMAZING!!!

“Over the last few months I’ve lost around five pounds getting down towards race weight (IM at end of June) with an average of around 15 hrs/week of training over that time span”

Check his blog, average is “12-14 hours”, which is actually closer to 12.

There’s three that stick in my mind:

  1. I Just Shit My Pants Mid Run

  2. Which One Of You Is The Mad Pooper?

  3. Well That Was A Nice Ride Spoiled

You think the world is mad already, and then you talk to Americans.


Now you have link power, get them posted up @joex


Yep - they’re all nut jobs!

Someone there apparently eats 600g of broccoli a day! I mean come on … is life not supposed to be a tiny bit fun?

Are you saying broccoli isn’t fun? :wink:

The toilet break mid-run is one of my favourites, there was one about some bloke creeping in the bushes to answer the call, and comes out in front of a girl he’d be dating :joy:


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Hold my pint. This is one of the great ST Threads of all time; a real thriller with twists and turns. Make yourself a brew first…


Make sure you read the first 4 pages, so you can appreciate what follows.


well that escalated. sad, noncy, happy and cheaty all in one great big slowbitch witch hunt




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There is a mine of good information on ST, you just have to filter through it. I just cherry pick the good stuff, which is easy to spot to the trained eye. Everything else is just people being blowhards.

They are beyond bonkers. Any with Coggan content is always good for a laugh. Especially when you get someone unwittingly trying to correct him on TSS/NP etc. The FTP is dead thread was great until Mark Liversedge and Coggan started knocking lumps out of each other.

The biggest and worst Twitchunt was the Ashley lady who tried to do 50 IMs in 50 days. Some twat found the hotel she was out and measured the pool length with Google earth.


Ouch. That’s a bit horrible.

Some of them are bloody quick like!
Or, in the main, are most of them sub-10hr athletes?
It certainly reads like that.

I worked out the 4K-6k calories per day bloke.
To be fair, with his 21hrs a week training plan, it’s not too bad.
Though the 200g pasta must be cooked weight.
And 1kg potatoes must make you feel a bit lethargic.
His stomach must be huge.
Any rest weeks, if it were me, I’d be climbing the walls with hunger!

So after 4 pages, she finishes IMFL.
Then there’s 13 pages of the witch hunt.
Even the posters know they’re infamous for it, yet they continue to do it!

I like the poster who registers to casually roll the grenade across the floor, almost apologetically, then leave the room… but it had to be done :rofl:

By bringing up Lance? As if a 14 hour IM (non) finisher is in the same league as Lance.

I can’t get through the threads. My bullshit filter just gets clogged up and i can’t bring myself to keep reading. These people are another level!