Quirky occurrences 😱

Anyone else had anything happen in racing or training that makes them do a double take?

I’ve had two…

My first ever triathlon was the extended sprint distance at Hever Castle (800/40/8). The following year, I went back and did the standard distance. I achieved the exact same time to the second.

Last year was the other. I did four races that were my key events for the year. Every result finished with a xx:xx:57 official time. It is pretty outrageous. I was pleased with most of my results anyway (first time under 80mins for a HM, first IM under 10), but the connection between them all required documenting, so I got a bit of art made up.

Anyone else…?


About 200k:1 by my reckoning. (For the 2nd part, not sure on the 1st one as your ability puts you in the same ballpark to reduce those odds - but still weird, no doubt)

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Yeah, if you take the first result as a given, then three subsequent results with a 1:60 chance of matching the first one is 216k:1. If you picked 57s at the outset before the first race, then that fourth occurrence makes it nearly 13m:1!

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I’ll take those odds. Earlier this year I got a special bonus at work; I had to double check the name on the letter as I thought I’d opened someone else’s mail :shushing_face::shushing_face::rofl:

I’ve done 2 50m TT’s on different parts of the A19 in 2:00:11 & 2:00:12, given the margin of timekeeper error it was a bit quirky.


Every time i’ve done IM Lanza, i’ve said the exact same words on the finish line… “i’m never doing that f*****g race again”…



Colworth Challenge 5 miler part off road:

2004: 30:51
2007: 30:51
2008: 30:51

London Marathon

2007 3.01:40


I had a race in Oz with bib number 366 and I came 366th overall.


I love that bit of art!

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Traditionally expressed as 2.59:158

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In my small town we have 2 sprint triathlons each year. One is organised by the leisure centre, it has a homespun feel and a field of maybe 80 or 100 with lots of novices and very few serious athletes. The quirky thing is that I have come second something like eight times, but never first.

2012 could have been the year. Transition is set up in a small grassy garden type area outside the pool, with all sorts of flower beds. I live really close, so a few years ago pitched up at the very last minute to rack my bike. All the racks were full so people were leaning bikes up against trees (yep, that homespun). The only place I could find was to lean it against a small tree in a bed of roses.

Now the quickest way from that spot to the exit would have been straight across the flower bed and out. I remember weighing it up, but being a good citizen, and not wanting to get thorns in my bare feet, I pushed the bike around the bed adding perhaps 10 metres to my journey.

Had a good race otherwise, so later was gutted to find I had missed out on first place by just one second. Ah well.