Race day power

Just wondering:

FTP ~260-270


Olympic 241W
70.3 203W
Iron 165-183W


About right but a touch conservative I’d say.

I’d try and ride the Olympic closer to or at FTP

70.3 at around 80% so 212w

Iron looks a decent ballpark

Having said that, I haven’t had a decent run off the bike in a little while now


Funnily enough that’s my new target

I rode at 0.89 in St George, had an ok run I guess

0.75 in Wales but had a terrible day

0.83 at Bolton, fell apart on the run

All three rides and runs weren’t exactly flat though and I love mashing up hills

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Depends on how fast you run.

Held 155 strict Chester 70.3 and had the run of my life.
Held 148 av at Bolton and ran ok.

Held 160 at my last sprint tri but too heavy to run … hope for better in may!


Seen people have the “ perfect”
Race riding to power, but I’ve also seen them destroying there run / race holding the wrong numbers that often “ someone else “ has decided for them and I mean destroy.
I really thought I’d be riding with a PM by now, but if anything I’m further away than ever

Humble brag I could go and buy any PM you care to mention but I just don’t believe in them


My thoughts are that it’s all a load of shit.

Find out what doesn’t work for you (by riding too hard), spend another £500 to repeat the same mistakes and repeat again. And again.

If you can bike under 5 hours, then aim for that.
Pretty much you can walk a marathon in 6 hours - I’ve hopped one in just under (ask @Hammerer)

Get your swim to an hour and that’s an easy sub-12.

I totally effed up my outlaw 2021 run, walked most of it. Still did a 4:18.

Swim under an hour.
Bike under five hours.
Jog/walk the run :+1:t3::white_check_mark:


yes if your Std time is close to an hour…

and yes, they all look a little conservative, but should reflect what you are capable of riding at!

I have no idea what to aim for at Wales. But there are many more months yet to ponder that question!

whatever you trained at…


Got any recent tri race power?

But what if I train at 40% ftp all the time?

I’ve not trained yet. So it may well be 40%! :joy:

NP would be a bit higher In sure though. There’s supposed to an art to minimising the variance but I just try to pace well

Not yet, no.

Last year for Cots, before I got the Rona the weekend before, I was running my simulations at 230w. Not sure of ftp at the time. Similar to yours I’d imagine.

But that experiment went out the window with the torn calf and Rona.

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I am shocked



That’s average bpm on my hrm.
Power would be higher than that on that awful course, it destroyed me, and I was fit too.

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Sorry, you’re absolutely right, that’s a bit presumptuous of me there


then that’s probably the best option for your race plan…

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Listen to @Poet … well a bit, its largely all shit as even with power depends on your legs on the day. FTP is not a good measure of IM pace, riding over 100miles is. FTP isnt a good measure period really using traditional protocols, only way to know your LT2 is by testing lactate and even then you may not know exactly , even if tested well, so all this odd watt here and there is in @Poet words “shit”.
Do you know TTE also? That will affect how close to “FTP” you can ride also.

Id go out for 5hrs trying to hold 65% of whatever you think your 2nd threshold is and see how it feels (provided you are fit enough to ride 5hrs)


I’d personally think your IM top would be a bit lower TBH otherwise you could be in for a lot of walking. But that’s based purely on what I’ve done over the years. Equally I’ve gone harder and ran well (float day or just fitter) and not gone as hard and still ran badly :frowning:

Maybe a bit higher for 70.3 though?

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