Random spares/stuff

Bit of an awkward one this. Having a bit of a clear out and reducing my massive spares box to something much smaller. It’s leading to an ultimate decision of whether I want to even keep the road bike/turbo. I could do with the space in the garage and LO’s next bike will be a lot bigger.
I can’t give some of this stuff away but some of it I can. I can offer it locally to the club but I barely see them now and sad to say, apart from my Monday mates, I don’t have anyone else I know.

If you are running Campag, that’s on the right of the pic. There are Zipp pads for Campag, Campag pads for Campag, an Elite Campag freehub for a Direto and a 12/28 cassette that has literally had 10 mins use for some indexing. (when i sold the Bianchi to a shop, I put an old one as I would not get the monies worth by leaving it on)

There are some Ti lightweight skewers that have been used on my Bianchi without issue. The stems are 100 and 110.

An old XLab Torpedo BTA holder, an XLab spares thingy, another XLab cage and some Profile Design clip on bars. Some regular tubes and 2 x Conti 80mm valves.

I know it’s a bit random but would rather work something out with a TTer. It’s all good nick as anyone that has had anything from me will tell you. Pm me if interested in any of it. I’ll give it a few days then see if the club is interested.

The BT speaker, Apple TV and Makita charger aren’t for sale! :smile:


I finally stopped running the last of my Campag last year (old stuff)…and gave it to a guy who restores bikes…

Yeah it’s a shame, I ran it exclusively for close to 30yrs and it used to be very ‘mix n match’ but once the carbon UT was introduced, although great, it became harder to swap things from bike to bike and less rebuildable.

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