Random stuff I don't need

Rather than type a load of descriptions from the off, I have some stuff I just don’t need now. I can get into more detail for any TTer interested but my basic list is:

Kask Bambino Pro TT helmet, with carry bag and two visors (I think it’s Med). black.

Campag 11sp Chorus cassette, 12-29 - almost brand new. Used for 10 mins to do some indexing before I sold the Bianch (with the old cassette on)

Park Tool Campag bearing puller for Ultra Torque crank.

Random Giant saddle that came with my MTB that has about 50km on it.

Profile Design clip on TT bars.

FOOR 3.5mm wetsuit, about 4yrs old but only used for 2x IM and 2x LCW plus a bit of training.

XLab Torpedo BTA carrier (rusty bolts!)

As TTers will know, I’m all about fair pricing and accurate descs, so PM me if you’re interested in anything.