Recommendations - aerobar system, risers, clamps

As per the IM Wales thread, my aerobar riser clamp snapped this morning leaving me in a bit of a quandary with a race only 4+ weeks away.

I can’t seem to locate the piece needed in stock anywhere.
(this piece: Bayonet 3 upper bracket – Rosevelo Distribution Ltd)

I’m therefore having to contemplate completely replacing that section of the bike. The basebar, extensions, and arm rests are all fine, but I need a system of risers that’s configurable to recreate my current position. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I think it just needs to clamp to a normal round basebar, and ideally come with a set of risers that you can mix and match to get to the right height. The bayonet 3 system currently on the bike comes with a whole raft of different height stacking pieces that you can bolt together to fine tune the height.

Oh, and it needs to be in stock!

I’ve had a quick search, but nothing is immediately jumping out at me as being exactly what I need.


Would this work?

Thanks for looking. They’re the clamps for the extensions, whereas the piece that has broken on mine is the clamp at the bottom of the block of risers to the basebar (either side of the stem)

I wanted something similar a few weeks back, I have the aero bars but just wanted the clamps and risers. I looked a fair bit but ended up borrowing a clip on set and machining my own risers. I think your going to need to buy the full set

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Hmm, annoying.

I’ve been thinking, and I feel I have a set of profile design clip on bars somewhere. They do the riser blocks for those clamps. So I think I could probably figure out an appropriate riser block size to lift them up to the right point.

I recall the clamps on my existing clip ons looks something like this: Sonic Bracket Kit – Profile Design EU

Having the arm rest mount attached to the stack will have the arm rest quite a bit further forward than where I currently have them attached (as they’re a separate arm rest bracket). But as I have some custom arm rests, I think I should be able to mount on a different set of holes further forward to achieve the same position.

I just need to measure the stack I need, and check I actually still have the clip ons I recall that I have! It’s annoying I’m away, as I’m going to be stressing about this all week until I get home and check my spares, and then the delay of getting the stack kit I would need!

I have the full std aero bar setup from a shiv your welcome to borrow if you get stuck. The risers bolt directly to the base bar so you need the whole shebang.

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Ah, I see the bit you need. Nothing comes to mind, sorry.