Recommendations: Lightweight running socks for distance

Looking for recommendations for a reasonably thin, lightweight running sock for endurance/long distance please.

Hmm, not particularly lightweight but you can’t beat woolie boolie’s in my opinion, thick but still have no problems with overheating feet in summer.


Few people in my club sing the praises of injini toe socks for ultras. I think they come in various thicknesses.

If you are looking at wet wintery conditions then merino wools socks are good, and you can get thin ones of those.


I have about 5 pairs of injini’s across the different thicknesses and lengths. They’re a fantastic sock in my opinion.

Hmm. Not sure I like the idea of all the separate toes and think they would irritate me.

Bit of a struggle to get them on (if you have weird toes like me) but you honestly won’t even notice they’re on once you’re wearing them.

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Might try a pair then, just to see what they’re all about. Technology must have moved on from the days when I was a kid and you had the long knitted socks with a different coloured toe :joy:

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I get on well with these

I’ve never blistered in CompressSport socks. Very thin, lightweight and comfy but not cheap.

Falke socks are my favourite but the ones you find here aren’t as good as I find in South Africa. My next best are the shop branded socks from Running Bear in Alderley Edge - genuinely amazed by those.
And the. I also tried the light Injinji toe socks. As others have said, you don’t notice the toe bits. I suffer from blisters between my toes on long distance, so I’m hoping these help. Not done the distance yet.

Interesting. Just had a look at them. I do get the occasional blister between toes, so might be worth a go

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These are fantastic, expensive but I wouldn’t wear anything else at the moment for long runs/racing.

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DryMax do hyperthin running socks - I use them for all my ultras.

I have used my powers to correct the spelling of the title.

Ha ha. Classic and that would have wound me up too. Thank you Poet.

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