Recyclable running shoes

£25 a month subscription, you return the shoe and get a new pair every month.
Subscription model not for me, but the claim that they’re 100% recyclable is interesting to see how much that trickles across the market into other shoes generally.

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It’s all about subscription models nowadays!

You should post this on the Nike thread. How many people really need a new running shoe every month?!

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But the Nike monthly replacement scheme is ‘free’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Does the new show every month suggest that they are not very robust?

I’d hope that was the very reason; a fully recycled shoe that is (as a consequence) not that robust.

60 days now…

…I can really test the durability of the Alpha’s :wink:

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if the shoe is any good, that’s ‘only’ £300 a year though. Half of you lot have spent almost that on a pair that will last about 6 runs!

But the crux is clearly whether or not the shoe is any good! In a decent (running) year i guess i’d go through 3 to 4 pairs, so probably would be looking at ~£250 or so. So not that far off (that’s assuming no super shoes of course).

Like you say @jorgan it’s all about the subscription these days.

I’m more disappointed no one replied with a green beans or runner beans question.

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TBF a lot of traditional running shoes are recycled. They either make there way out of poorer countries to injure people who would otherwise be running in bare feet, or they become matting for children’s play areas.

This is not the definition of sustainable I am comfortable with :joy:

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