Redbull Timelaps

Anyone else heading to Windsor this weekend for the Timelaps?

3 of my juniors are doing it with an elite triathlete joining them. Probably because one his his younger brother :wink: It does look fun!

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Loads from my club are there. Including one of the guys I know well who I understand is attempting solo. He everested on zwift recently. He’s kinda mental!

EDIT - I just had to share the strava link!


Was that Alex Yee and his brother? 3rd place, good work I did spot him there.

We got 18th, which we’re well chuffed about for a bunch of rag tag triafletes.

Great, fun event, especially if you got in a good group.

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Yes - I saw Alex Yee too!

I didn’t do it, but I popped over yesterday to support some mamil friends of mine who had four teams in.

18th out of 224 teams is cracking :+1:t3:


Yep, coach them all swim, apart from Alex obvs. Very talented bunch.