Redcar Sprint 2019

Anyone done this before? trihard co uk/events/redcar-sprint-triathlon/ (I can’t add links)

750m sea swim, 20km closed bike route, 5km run

Bike is draft legal. My bike handling is not too hot (especially post shoulder op) so hope I can keep in touch with riders going round corners. Any tips?

Just make sure you don’t actually touch in those corners! :wink:

Just remember to lock your bike up at all times and keep your car keys with you round there :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did it 2 years ago and really enjoyed it, would have done it this year but it clashes with Hamburg. It was a champs qualifier I think so numbers were up, but 3 waves meant the course wasn’t that busy.

Swim wasn’t too bad for the sea, you might get lucky like us and get a bit of a downstream flow, although depending on the tide times it could be a longer run into T1. A few years ago it was further down the beach at low tide and some of the taller males were practically walking to the turn buoy!

Bike isn’t as bad as you might think, as long as it’s dry, most of the turns aren’t that technical, the loop near the transition area is a bit tighter but manageable, just getting out of the drops to keep in any pack.

Run is about 3 times 1 mile lap, with about 1m of climbing on each lap.

I think numbers will be lower this year with it not being a qualifier but still generally we ran friendly events.


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Was it a tough choice?


We visit Saltburn occasionaly and remember the tide can be quite far out and can be quite shallow as well. I’ve never done a sea swim before so that’ll be interesting!

Bike course sounds better than I thought it might be. Though I really need to sort a bike out ASAP. I only have a vintage P2 2010 or a CX to pick between at the moment :confused: . Tempted to sell them both and buy an Aero Road bike :money_with_wings:

Enjoy Hamburg!

First time I’ve done a beach start sea swim and we had to battle against 4ft-6ft waves. I think we had to swim out about 50m to the first buoy then trace along for 650m before heading back to shore. It was really hard to sight the first bouy (due to the waves) and I took a full swig of salty nuclear water :face_vomiting: I had to switch to breatstroke a few times just to catch my breath and check I was heading in the right direction! 13 mins for the swim and run to T1. Headed out onto the bike course on my CX tanker with Schwalbe X-One tyres :upside_down_face: As it was draft legal I was hoping to stick to the back of a group but just couldn’t keep up with any groups for the first 5km. At this point I did manage to sit on with a small group (just 3 of us) and I also helped out at the front. I need to work on my high speed cornering. Bike course in 36 mins with best 20 min power of 250W. Onto the run and it was mostly along the promenade. My garmin measured it slightly long at 5.5km and I came back in 21 mins. Through in a couple of shocking transitions and overall time of 1:13.

Hopefully I’ll have another crack of it next year on a more suitable bike and better transitions for a sub 1:10 :+1: Reducing my training this week for Cotswold Classic on Sunday :smile:


A few friends said it was a bit choppy, I think it’s cleaner than you might think, the nuclear power station is on the north side of the river mouth :joy: and if you end up growing another arm it could come in handy.

I’m hoping to do this next year if it’s on and I’m about, enjoyed it last time, hopefully might be able to get in a bike group as well.


Need a full race report on this #badboi before I pull the trigger. Is it worth the trip?


Is this still considered the Redcar Sprint?

Haha, yes, apparently it’s been getting renamed as it’s the first time it’s not been labour controlled. I think there was a personality clash with the previous candidate who alienated quite a few of her faithful, so they repaid her by voting her out!

What do want to know Jorgan, it’s a long way oop north for you!

Multi lap bike and run but not massively technical, could be a bit slippery if it rains though.


I’ve entered for 2020 :+1:

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I just spotted it in the unread section, and thought I’d bump it as it sounded so splendid :wink:

Seeing as I’m not doing a thesis on Post-Industrial Britain, I have no need to visit Redcar!

You are missing out on a lemon top, not really selling it am I :joy: