Reece Barclay appreciation thread

Can we just acknowledge what a great job Reece Barclay has done coaching LCB?

Granted he is working with some pretty useful raw materials, but when was the last time LCB had a bad race? Or was injured? And she’s raced from Superleague, ITU, middle distance, long distance, even the Olympic swim trials. Always gets to the start line in good shape and able to make a decent account of herself.

Most of her competitors have had injuries or off days in the last 4 years. She is just so reliable, he must be doing something right.


Fair points……but time to get transitions dialled in now Reece!


He has help from Dan Lorang.
Lorang also coaches Haug so it will be interesting to see how that dynamic works out.

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That’s only very recently though right?

Recently announced at least.

So it’s been a long standing arrangement? First I heard of it was a few weeks ago and it’s not like them to miss a marketing promo.

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She’s just tweeted that she was ill today and couldn’t keep anything down, hence missing the celebrations. Makes it a doubly impressive performance.