Removing stuck pedals

I don’t have any of them…tough nips! :wink:

Proper runner :+1:

i bought a proper pedal hex after Austria in 2010 after i was trying to get a pedal off to repack the bike but failed. I was running room to room trying to find someone that had one (allen keys were too small for leverage) . Learnt me lesson after that.

… today’s episode

Can GB remove a crank from the new bike and fit the one with the power meter? Will he reduce the thread to a slippery, smooth tunnel? How many knuckles will he have at the end? Will he round off his allen keys? Will he scratch his brand new frame?

Tune in at 18:00 for the latest update in ‘An idiot tries to do stuff on a bike’


Bare in mind the plastic pre load bolt is a large star - not an Allen key!

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Not much help but I rounded 6 Allen keys belonging to the accommodation owner in South Africa trying to get pedals off. First thing I bought after that was a park tool pedal wrench. Worth every penny…


Dude…I was up at 0540 changing my wheels to 50mm, dropping the chainrings to 50/34 and sprocket back to the 12-30 for today’s hillier ride!

Took about 30 minutes.

bacon and egg sandwich as a reward after that

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But you’re clearly not a mechanical special case like me! Though i have been enjoying trying to be a bit better. Cleaning my wife’s bike after her rides etc, whereas previously i had zero interest in all that.

But i am very much a beginner in this field! I won’t be customising this bike at all … it’s got to be good for everything. Commuting winter and summer, hills, probably the odd tri, bimbling about. That’s why i went for the Endurace.

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My sympathy gland just turned off. :sweat_smile:

To be honest, I was a bike maintenance nut when my long commutes/life depended on it. Now I barely give a fuck. Just got my roadie back to roadworthiness but it still creaks all over the shop when Im climbing.

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Oh man, there is a whole ‘thing’ about grease dont mention it in the same sentence as lubricant and go down that rabbit hole! :scream:

It should come as no surprise that Favero supply a lovely long Allen key with their delightful Assimo pedals :sweat_smile:


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I feel for you. many moons ago I had to give up on trying to get a pedal off on a MTB Mrs FB owned as were about to sell it. no way was that bastard coming off despite all efforts so I ended up drilling it out - had to be very careful that I didn’t damage the crank threads or the new owner wouldn’t have been chuffed.

lesson learnt - use grease and just finger tight and no more.

Also, remove and re-grease pedals at least annually!!!

it was the bike shop in St Polten to blame. when i arrived I’d lost a washer and went into the shop for a spare and they kindly fitted pedals for me and also ran eyes over my build for free! Then after race couldn’t get one side off so it wouldnt go in my bike box. It was also about 7am so the shop wasn’t open. Nirvana were next to useless , but ended up some random stranger had one i borrowed!

My worst trip with pedal issues left me taking the crank off to get it in the box on the way out as the taxi was due 30 minutes later, not ideal, there was swearing

Yeah, power pedals have meant that many of us no longer have issues from pedals ‘welding’ themselves to cranks, as they are regularly switched between bikes.

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I once had a peddle fall off at the beginning of a sportive, I turned round and got it tightened up. Actually the biggest challenge was removing the peddle from my cleat.

Ever since then I’ve done them up with a bit of force. However, thinking about it they are threaded in a way that the motion of cycling should tighten them. So I’m really unsure how it happened?!

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I was going to say. This is why they only need to be finger tight.
The only times I’ve ever had issues getting pedals off is after a service. I have no idea why the supposed professionals feel the need to do them up so tight


The same reason tyre fitters gun your car wheelnuts so tight you can jump up and down on the tyre lever without them budging; so you have to go back to them for anything.

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