Removing stuck pedals

As per the title really.

I’ve got one off, but the drive side is absolutely wedged on. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos and yes I’m turning it the right way! :joy:

All I have to hand is an Allen key and some wd40.

Any suggestions?

Pedals only need to be ‘hand tight’. But you know that now :sweat_smile:

Is the Allen key open ended? If it is, and you have a large ring spanner, put that on the end for leverage. Get someone to hold the bike with the brakes on. (assume wheels and chain are on?)

I bought this, solely for grumpy pedals.

Do you have anything you can heat up the crank arm with?

Yes he does. The WD40, plus a lighter.


No pedal spanner???

I find they’re way better for leverage.

WD40 overnight might penetrate it.
Otherwise, get some PlusGas from Amazon.

Allen key (obviously), plus a bit of copper pipe for leverage. Wear thick gloves!


Put chain on big chainring if applying force to drive side pedal it might save some skin if your Allen key slips :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Cheers all. I did it with some assistance from a neighbour (mostly social distanced, I held my breath honest). One on the spanner the other on other crank and it finally wedged off!

@Poet I don’t even own a spanner! :joy:

9 years of abuse and zero maintenance welded it on!

I did drop the bike in a strop and the chain ring landed on my toes in flip flops though. As well as scuffing my forearm on a previous attempt! :man_facepalming:t3:


Feel your pain. Why does bike maintenance always end with your hands looking like they have broken up a fight between two cats? I’m always embarrassed at work the next day

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Good job on getting it off.

Full fat coke is pretty good for tight bolts etc

Surprised no one mentioned the truly obvious answer, new bike


He’s already got one on the way!

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Let’s hope he uses grease and a light turn on the new pedals.

That’s why I desperately need the pedals, it arrives today! Luckily I didn’t do the usual and wait until today to get the pedals off. Cos I’d have been very disappointed!!

Haha. My mate has already text me about that, cos he knows how bad I am! I don’t have any grease… Will butter do?

Genuinely though, any grease replacements? I’ve got chain lube wet and dry, and that’s about it.

I didn’t put the pedals on, they came with the bike in 2011!

Vaseline or go and stick your finger in the top of your car engine and get a smear of oil out of the cam cover.

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Yes petroleum jelly. I’m sure you’ve got some lying about as a runner!

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yup, thanks!

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Don’t use nipple plasters as cable protectors. :wink:

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