Rice powder vs Oats for breakfast

Has anyone heard or tried rice powder? My old housemate who was into powder building got me onto it. The idea being its quicker release carbs than oats and no fibre. I make it by putting dry uncooked regular basmati rice in a powerful blender and blitz till its a fine powder. Make a load up.

Then add 250-300ml of milk into blender, scoop of protein powder, scoop of rice powder plus whatever else you want in there. eg peanut butter, cinnamon. Quick blitz and then in a pan on the hob stirring until it thickens. You can add some fruit or honey. I’ve found it pretty good before big training days, long bike rides or races.

never heard if it…. sounds interesting though.

Might give it a try… sounds like it would be nice with a drop of honey and some blueberries.

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Worth trying. I’m surprised more people haven’t heard of it. Just make sure you blend initially to a fine enough powder. I stick with vanilla or chocolate protein powder.

I’ve always been an oats eater before races, but I have wondered why we eat fibre before a race where we need to not have too much indigestible stuff moving through our guts.
Often I have heard about rice pudding, bagels, white bread, etc before a race, presumably rice powder would be a similar low fibre carb-heavy meal and the powdered nature would make it more quickly absorbed.
Often people advocate oats and other carbs with fibre as being beneficial as the carbs are said to be “slow release” rather than instantly available.
I would imagine that one should experiment with both high fibre and low fibre pre-race breakfasts and see which works best for you.