Road bike aero wheel advice

I’m looking to throw more money away so need some advice. My road bike, a 7 year old Rose, has Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels (which came with the bike). Neither the bike or wheels are aero. I’m wondering if I should get some aero wheels for crit racing.

My wish list: Rim brakes [must], cheap, clincher, tubeless compatible, 50mm+ rims, light, wide (work with 28mm tyres).

On my TT bike I have a pair of the original Flo 60/90 wheels with alloy brake track. However with a wheel cover I really CBA to put that on/off every week.

So what are my options:
a) Just leave it, it’s 99% rider and 1% bike/wheels
b) Buy a disc for the TT, so Flo 90 rear can be used on the road bike. Flo 60 can easily be swapped in between them.
c) Buy cheap Chinese wheels. One things these seem to lack, from a quick search, are wide options.
d) A secondhand bargain, any particular ones to look for? The ones I’ve seen are generally very old and priced high!
e) Something else.

I think the disc wheel for your TT then swapping the front to the roadie makes sense.

If you can be bothered with the effort you may well be able to pick up a second hand disc too

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Yeah I did this for a few years and caused me no bother.


For Chinese Wheels have a look at Yoeleo… top quality wheels, unfortunately they are not “cheap” Chinese wheels.

On a bike build I did last year I put a set of Prime Black Edition Wheels on it (wiggle in house brand) and was really impressed, fantastic brake surface, light and rolled well. Had a look on Wiggle and they do a 50mm version, but out of stock

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Check out the wiggle eBay store or the timetrialling forum gave book page as wheels seem to pop up quite often.
I picked up a pair of the 60mm Parcours wheels fairly cheaply and they have performed well.

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There’s loads on FB marketplace. A quick look threw up these

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Wad going to say the same. Would expect an abundance of cheap quality carbon rim braked aero wheels on the 2nd hand market.

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Taking what Matt and leahn have said; on the eBay, the 50mm black edition come up LOADS.
People buy them, use them once (cough) then send them back.
I’m hovering for them, Cos tubeless innit.
I can flog my tubular Zipps for a similar price as them :scream:

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Thanks for the feedback, sorry I didn’t acknowledge them as pretty busy yesterday with work, TT & swimming.

I think the problem is I’m expecting too much. With the cheaper second hand stuff most of it seems quite old (e.g. I’d seen the Profile Design wheels posted by @Jgav previously and found reviews from 2014), and wideness seems to have come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. I’m looking at using 28mm tyres which means a 30mm rim?

Took at look at Yoeleo (thanks @Matthew_Spooner) but it wasn’t working properly for me. Ended up on LightBicycle and have found some 56mm rims that are 30mm wide. They looked eye pretty expensive for Chinese wheels (~$800) but realised that was because I’d gone with a premium hub (DT Swiss), a cheaper hub (Novatec) brings them well under $500.

I hate buying stuff, I want the latest and best, but I’m a bit of a skinflint!

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Are you midlands-ish, if so I’ve got some 50mm primes you could try out, not selling but you could give them a bit of a test

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Don’t skimp on the hubs!!

For me that’s the difference between a good and a great wheel.

I Mean how much difference between 50mm deep section rims is there really?

I have a set of HED jet 6 blacks that I bought for a bargain last year. Not only do they sound awesome but the thing that stands out with them are the hubs. They’re silky smooth and spin up so quickly

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Bit of advice please.

A friend was saying he was looking into getting some new wheels for his TT bike, I mentioned that I was thinking of selling mine & he’s interested.

I’ve got a HED trispoke which has a Shimano hub & a HED (Jet?) 60. I’ve had them since 2010, rarely race & never TT. Both are clinchers, alloy brake track & in good nick.

What sort of price should I be asking?


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Tri spoke is £300 on eBay.
Is the Jet60 front or rear? If front, probably £200?
Are they 10sp only or 9/10/11sp compatible?
Maybe £400 mates rates?

12 years old tech now.
Plus rim brakes.
Although at least they’re not tubs :see_no_evil::shushing_face:

I got some 10sp Zipp 404 for £400 a few years back (had a cassette milled for it to work, then sold them on and got some 11sp 404FC instead - better brake surface)

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As you say, old tech & only up to 10sp compatible although as we know cassettes can be milled.

£400 seems fair, cheers.


Potentially making the jump to a more advanced summer wheelset (finances depending). These seem to be the new version of the Prime RR-50s I’ve seen mentioned here and elsewhere in good terms.

I’ve no interest in going tubeless, but the package is cheaper than just the wheels. Good deal? I’ve got memories of the previous version appearing in Wiggle sales so not sure if I hold on for a while the wheelset only option might drop more - I’m in no rush.

I’ll keep an eye on the Wiggle eBay given advice above, but am inclined to go new as I find the second hand market pages overwhelming (I’ve no idea what I’m looking at, whether it’s a good price and so on), and also the possibility of spreading the cost.

If I matched these with some GP5000s that would be a pretty noticeable upgrade from my RS11s wouldn’t it (current running with GP 4 Seasons 25mm)? Which I could then stick back on in autumn.

Last question, sorry, what’s the benefits of 28mm tyres? My frame can take them with the mudguards removed, but at my level does it make no odds? And I’d need different inner tubes regardless of tyre width with the longer valves because of the deeper rims right?

The package is a good deal and the wheels are sound. The inner tubes needed will be the 80mm valves.
For the tyre width I’m a dyed in the wool 25mm user but 28mm will give more cushion/comfort and some say more aero if the rims can accommodate.


28 mm better
30 mm best,( pity I can’t get them on!) see the GCN video, congort is king unless your after every second.