Road cycling kit, “minimal”, all season

What socks do you (we) use?

In the summer ‘normal’ sports socks are way too thick. I might try dress socks, cotton but thinner.

I often use running socks when cycling.

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Merino wool socks in the winter. Something thinner in the summer :man_shrugging:

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Same here for winter,

Colourful ones.

I’m in full agreement with others who wouldn’t be seen dead in white socks.

I also have no idea what a gabba is (apart from an Australian cricket stadium) and am so not bothered by it that I’m not even going to waste 5 minutes with google


White socks FTW :tada:


Gabba is the Castelli brand name for a “rain jersey”.

It’s basically a cycling jersey that’s made out of a thin neoprene-type fabric that keeps you warm in the rain without the boil-in-a-bag effect of a full rain jacket.

You see a lot of pro teams wearing them in bad weather.


I really didn’t need to know that! :rofl:

But thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:


In case someone passes you by and doesn’t realise you’re wearing one, you can get the special edition!

I’ve ordered a plain black one.

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Helmets - I really can’t decide between the aero Ballista and the generally great Velocis so I’m sacrificing some bad weather gear to get both.

I thought it was a Ramones brand

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Do you own a Trek?
I didn’t think so.

Buy another helmet.

Aero road helmets look worse than a Porsche owner cycling in red shorts :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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All bike helmets look daft, you’re fooling yourself!

And helmet brand does not need to match bike brand…

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They do! You’re correct there :rofl:
But £300 ish on two helmets :exploding_head:
What’s wrong with the Van Rysel one?
£70 and used by the actual Pro Tour team. The exact same one :white_check_mark:

On the second point, I had that debate with my Supacaz bar tape (Specialized) and my Pathfinder tyres (also Specialized) :face_with_peeking_eye::woman_facepalming:

I like Giro helmets. They always seem to fit nicely.
And are always on sale :moneybag::+1:t3:

Although I do want a POC Omne Air for gravel use in a pastel colour :heart_eyes:

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Yeah, I think I was having a moment there.

I’m getting pretty worked up about spending and stressed out. Don’t want to miss the opportunity to get pricier items now. I had a Velocis, used it at IM Lanzarote to much criticism but it was a nice airy helmet. Ballista is what I’m sticking with, something new can work for tts and tris rather than my god awful Giro whatever II that fell apart during IM Barca and used on a wing and a prayer since for Portugal and Frankfurt :roll_eyes:

In short, I’m a skinflint.


Just arrived and tried it on. I have a Castelli Aero Race jersey, so race fit and I’ve used for years in Large. This is Large and pretty fucking tight.

Will ride it tomorrow and see.

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I cant wear Castelli kit, ended up with a jersey in XXXL and it was still too short, but like wearing a tent. i do have a rain cape, one of those opaque race type ones, and that’s ok as its just something to throw on in an emergency.

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Like when you’re caught in the woods “walking the dog”.

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