Road cycling kit, “minimal”, all season

Still waiting for my voucher I’m tired of mulling over different bikes so I’m moving on to kit. :slightly_smiling_face: My kit is also tired, one pair of thermal bib longs must be ten years old. But no holes so…:crazy_face:

Goal is not to have loads of kit piled up all over the place, and always know what I’m going to wear for the weekend ride. Wash sports stuff once per week. Commuting is out of scope although I’ll reuse winter stuff. Some old kit retained for indoors only.

The list so far, one each of;


  • Socks, white
  • Shoes, white
  • Bib shorts
  • Base layer
  • Summer jersey
  • Mitts
  • Helmet, aero


  • Shoe covers
  • Leg/arm warmers
  • Thermal bib/jersey longs
  • Wind/rain gilet
  • Cycling jacket
  • Long finger gloves
  • Buff

Come at me, bros….

my input re commuting gear unlikely to be helpful.

  • in the winter , bib shorts and a short sleeved top. Got 2 pairs, wear one wash one.

  • same in the summer, but add arm covers, gloves, knee length socks , and legionnaire hat under the helmet to cover ears and neck.

  • ski glasses cat 4 and spf50 sun cream.

Bit worried about the patch between top of sock & bottom of shorts, may invest in some bib tights for summer use


Yet to experience, or feel the need to. Normal bib shorts and knee warmers or running tights over the top on extreme cold days if want to rationalise kit.

I’m sure if I had thermal bibs I’d agree they were better than running tights so fair enough, but I’m too tight to buy them.

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If I understand your request, you want one set of clothes for weekend riding and don’t need midweek commuting suggestions?

Since your list looks comprehensive, I’m not sure what help you need?

You’ve cycled enough to know what works for you, right?


I’ve just got a full set of matching kit for;

Utterly Baltic weather
Baltic weather
Light Winter
Wet Winter
Hot Summer
Gravel spring/summer
Gravel autumn/winter

Indoor kit.

And commuting is just old club kit. Or jeans and a t-shirt.

Goes in the wash as soon as I’ve worn it, dried, all wrapped back up inside the outermost top layer (let’s say a jersey) then it’s all nice and neat in my wardrobe drawers.
Next ride, I just pull out a package and put it on.
Sorted :white_check_mark::+1:t3:


11 pairs of bibs?!
I have 2 ok pairs and a third old pair I’ve kept just in case needed :sweat_smile:

i read it that @poet just had 1 really versatile outfit that’s suitable year round :man_shrugging:t2::smiley:


Next generation Castelli ROS


Yeah, basically all of the things you listed.

Summer, bibs, jesrey, socks…

Raining, jacket/gilet - arm warmers or long sleeve jersey, shoe covers…

Cold, add arm warmers, knee warmers, gloves, long bib tights, base layer, cap, head band, jacket, gilet…

I guess you choose the combo you like :man_shrugging:t2:


That’s twelve full kits.

In a way, I’m impressed. But it’s not what I’m after.

I guess I’m almost looking for one set of kit that does everything.

Washed my jersey in the shower at work to see if it’ll last a few sweaty rides before the weekly machine.


The fabled voucher has landed!

Now the REAL procrastination can begin!


Just checking I’m not missing anything because there’s a fair chance I won’t be able to but a fucking inner tube soon.

Eg Gabba plus sleeves or Alpha Ros? Both?

White shoes alone?

Well then it’s pretty much
1 pair of bibs (2 if you cycle regularly enough to not be able to wash)
A short sleeve gabba and a thin summer jersey,
Shoes and helmet

± gloves, arm and leg warmers, a buff, shoe covers, and a base layer or gilet or both to keep warm.

Don’t think I’ve ever worn a jacket either, always trusted the gabba enough to keep warm (except if you’re asking for easy commuting, but then doesn’t need to be cycle specific).
I’ve also never owned cycling socks, not sure what I’m missing out on.
That’ll work if you genuinely want to rationalise your kit and make do, I cycled like that for 3 years in UK. But you’ll constantly see something that serves one weather slightly better and be tempted to add it to the wardrobe.

I won’t bite on the white socks and shoes rule.


I’ll bite, fuck those white socks off, white shoes yeah, not socks!


Imagine you live in a normal country, then post again :sweat_smile:

I’d love it if a Gabba and a summer jersey did it, but it’s fucking brass monkeys in the winter.

Guess we’re made of tougher stuff up North.
Just ask Jeff and Poet :cold_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Could well be. I’ve also never had a cycling jacket, and never needed one outside commuting now I think about it. I have other stuff I can wear for awful commutes I suppose.

Cheers, will drop the jacket.

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I bought the Castelli Alpha ROS 2 jacket. I can get away with pretty much only wearing that up top all through winter in Switzerland. On really cold days I sometimes put an under-layer on but rarely. It has 2 layers to it so you can unzip one (2 if you’re feeling racey) on a climb. The ROS stands for rain or shine so it’s fairly versatile.

This was bought after an absolutely Baltic ride in Feb 22 and was an absolutely solid purchase. It’s often on sale so now might not be a bad time to pick it up ahead of next autumn/winter.

It does a good job of not holding onto the sweat smell and is properly robust.

Pair that with a pair of bib trousers, few pairs of bib shorts and short sleeve tops with arm/leg warmers and you’re golden.


Yeah, that’s why I wear 3/4’s in the garage sometimes :cold_face::joy:



Yeah. 12 full kits. A few spares. And a few running kits. Jackets are all hung up downstairs with the bikes.