Rohan Dennis

Bloody hell!

Charged with killing his wife.




It’s a tragedy for sure and the legal process will take its course but he has a long history of not being able to control his hot headed temper, both on the road and in dealing with team mgt.

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Not just that but he’d openly talked about mental health issues. Didn’t know it was this bad though!



Shades of Pistorious.


One in one out of the prison system it would seem.

(Pistorious expected out this week)

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I think we need to hear what happened. Bloody tragic for the whole family.


What is odd is the speed at which he’s been charged. Oz police are usually quite cautious with cases of high interest.


And in 2? Mins “ his life changed forever”

I’ve obviously heard this story several times, some were utter bullying (unts, the death penalty was designed for these people.

Some had never had a parking ticket before, no indications… nothing, then they killed there partner.

Very very sad for all concerned


He’s been charged with causing death by dangerous driving, so if there’s no doubt that he was behind the wheel then it’s probably straightforward then at least bringing the charges.

I don’t think the authorities were confirming identities at least initially.


Utterly tragic and heatbreaking situation. I dearly hope that this was a terrible accident and not something more sinister.


If he’s in custody the plod will think he did it on purpose, if he’s walking about it could have been an “ accident”

I’ve only read stuff on here

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I think the reports said that he was out on bail.

I guess the police need to work out if he intended to run her down or if it was just an accident. It’s probably quite difficult to prove that intent🤷‍♂️

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There’s a couple of news stories reporting that Hoskins jumped on the bonnet of the car when he was trying to drive away and then clung onto the door handle and was dragged under the car :flushed:

It doesn’t sound like he was trying to kill her, but was driving in a dangerous manner if he knew she was holding on to the car :man_shrugging:


All pretty grim…


I saw that on ST, VW Amarok wasn’t it?

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