Roka wetsuits

Hi I’m in the market for a new wetsuit, normally I’d stick with orca 3.8, but noticed roka maverick pro 11 on sale anyone got a roka wetsuit, any feedback is grateful

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This time last year I was looking at the Roka Black Friday deals - you’ve got to be quick to get decent sizes. MT seems to be rarer than hens teeth - I ended up with a Zone3 suit instead.

@jeffb has a Roka though!

If you decide on a Roka this might help

@Stephen_Parfitt I’ve got a Roka Maverick, can’t remember which model though.

BTF offer something like 20% discount on them, but I bought it midway through 2019 and have only used it about 3 times. From what I remember it was definitely a very good suit, up there with the Helix, but a lot more flexible in the shoulders. But my Helix is about 6 years old.

One thing I did think was that it felt tight round the chest, that’s more likely to be a sizing problem though, or me putting weight on.

From the few times I’ve used it it seemed like a top level suit.

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