Ron Hill

Sadly passed away. A great runner. I still have a few pairs of Ron Hill Trackster running bottoms knocking around.


TBH, I hadn’t realised he was still alive. I know more about the brand than the man. I find their stuff fantastic VFM.

I will read more about the man himself tonight.


You know IMJ say legend … lots.

Well this fella is one.


Fully agreed. Great man and ambassador for UK athletics.



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Read his story about racing the euro marathon Champs…a fab read…


I genuinely had no clue about the man, had always just thought of the name as a brand.

Interested now, as I wore his kit a lot in my late teens.

don’t forget Ron’s other big claim to fame - his running streak for running every single day, come hail or shine, well or unwell - and one that will be difficult for anyone to better.

52 years and 39 days - 19,032 days - and only had to stop due to ill health


I think the running streak included breaking some ribs. I seem to remember him saying it hurt quite a lot but he didn’t want to break the habit so he managed to jog a couple of km.

Broken sternum in a car accident in his 50s!

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i think i went that long between training sessions - and only had to start due to ill health…

He was an incredible runner but his early work on running clothing has had a lasting impact…


still got your string vest?? :wink:

lots of people thought he was strange running in a “string” vest but there was good method in his madness based on his textile science experience.

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am wearing it now :slight_smile:

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