'Ronseal' Kit

Castelli Perfetto Light jersey
SKS Rennkompressor pump
Mavic wheels
S Works shoes
Assos bib-shorts
DT Swiss hubs

oh - Opinel knives!

Haha, yes, lives in my desk drawer at work. Bought it on a school trip to France, early 80s I’d guess.

Carbon steel, nice. Looks like it’s seen some action…apples maybe? :grin:

They were one of my first knives.

My latest go to for “General stuff”

I simply don’t understand the fanboi around these pumps. I’ve had two (first one was bought and second one SKS sent to me for free when another of their crap products failed) and they are far far inferior to my Silca (pre Josh Portner) pump. Yes, you can get parts for them but they are so bloody wobbly and I can get any parts for my Silca and it doesn’t have a footplate made of floppy chicken wire.

Agree on the Assos bibs and S-works shoes, mine are 7 years old now and still marching on. (changed the Boas twice and lugs twice).

I only bought my Endura Primaloft SL jacket because I thought it looked nice/Gucci :sweat_smile: I thought it would be good if I do a 600 at some point, and got one for £48 BNWT on eBay. As it was hovering above zero today and quite windy/dry I thought I’d give it a bash, and kept it zipped to test regulation (I tend to run quite hot). It did very well, just a few bits of moisture in the arms (wore warmers too) and under the arms. It has a double reversible zip, which for me is really the sign of a well designed cycling jacket - so you can get at the jersey pockets.

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Is it reflective?
Looks decent, and at that price - better than Decathlon :open_mouth:

Yeah; tag on it said £123.46 - odd price!

Lots of good reflective on back, but not on front. Moot point for me though as I wear a reflective harness commuting in the dark, plus lots of lights, reflective strips on helmet/overshoes etc.

I bought a 5m roll of yellow reflective tape on fleabay and put it in various yellow coloured places on my Carnac Flanders helmet :ok_hand:

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Just discovered and started using ‘Squirt’ chain lube a few weeks ago.

Removed chain gave it a full degrease. Dried it, refitted then applied Squirt to each link. Let it dry overnight. Done about 600km on it since and only had to wipe clean and reapply once after a very wet ride.

Chain was fitted in February iirc and still looks reasonable and is very quiet. (Has around 9000 kms on it)

You will however get some questionable hits if searched for on Amazon. I bought it from Sigma.


£5 ‘Kitsound’ earphones from Tesco.

Just bought my second pair this year; they’re high-attrition items, so cheaper is better for me. They even do call handling if you really need it, like I did when the plumber phoned me on the way home last night :sweat_smile:

Oh I had one of those in France when I was 12.

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Yeah I’ve been using that for a few years, great stuff. Never going back to wet chain lube!

I don’t use Squirt on my commuter; not resilient enough!

Ale jerseys

Never heard of them myself, anyone have any experience? They seem to be popping up on my searches a lot.

Mrs GB wants her own gilet now as my Alpkit one she’s been stealing doesn’t fit her so well (as in Men’s cut vs Women’s). So i’ve said i’d buy her a decent-ish one (Gb level decent, not @Poet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :slight_smile: and i’ve found a nice Morvelo one in a colour that she likes, if she buys the arm warmers that she now wants. I’m using this as an excuse to get her ‘int’ kit a bit more so I can squeeze in another new jersey purhcase for myself! :rofl: I’m only teasing of course, i can actually spend my own money how i like! :roll_eyes: :rofl:

But back to the question … looking for a decentish short sleeved jersey. Max spend of about £60 preferably, unless there was a really good reason to go above that, maybe to £75. Any thoughts on merino blends?

edit - turns out they (Ale) make the Movistar kit

I don’t have any, but know lots of people who do and like their stuff. I’ve always thought them to be a fairly high level brand

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I bought some shorts from Evans a couple of years ago when I worked in Nottingham and they’ve been great, good quality kit. As I remember the sizing is to pot, I remember trying on jerseys - they size up smaller than labelled - no doubt for that corsetted aero look :scream:

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They’ve got a few on Wiggle at the mo for £50-60 apprently with a 50% saving. There are about 8 ‘regular’ jerseys and quite a few more '‘performance’. I’ll stick with regular then!!!

Have a look for some MAPE or Attaquer kit :star_struck::drooling_face:

I’ve got an Alé Klimatic ss Jersey & I loves it. It’s supposed to be shower proof, has longish sleeves & is thicker than most jerseys. Great bit of Spring/Autumn kit with some arm warmers.

Styling is a bit continental, deffo not Rapha.

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All i can say is they look TIGHT! My belly would not be flattered in them (nor would my wallet)!

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