'Ronseal' Kit

Castelli Perfetto Light jersey
SKS Rennkompressor pump
Mavic wheels
S Works shoes
Assos bib-shorts
DT Swiss hubs

oh - Opinel knives!

Haha, yes, lives in my desk drawer at work. Bought it on a school trip to France, early 80s I’d guess.

Carbon steel, nice. Looks like it’s seen some action…apples maybe? :grin:

They were one of my first knives.

My latest go to for “General stuff”

I simply don’t understand the fanboi around these pumps. I’ve had two (first one was bought and second one SKS sent to me for free when another of their crap products failed) and they are far far inferior to my Silca (pre Josh Portner) pump. Yes, you can get parts for them but they are so bloody wobbly and I can get any parts for my Silca and it doesn’t have a footplate made of floppy chicken wire.

Agree on the Assos bibs and S-works shoes, mine are 7 years old now and still marching on. (changed the Boas twice and lugs twice).