I just signed up for a trial of Rouvy. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but so far it’s not what I expected.

I wanted to ride the IM Lanzarote route in stages over a few rides. Was hoping to be able to see the virtual 3D world go by, like on Zwift. But it seems it’s not like that at all. Basically it seems to move a marker around a 2D map?

Does anyone use Rouvy? Is this your experience too or am I doing it wrong.


Yes, it did my head in.

Some routes have no video.

Sometimes a route starts in map mode, and you have to switch it to video.

Im virtually certain there isnt a video version of Lanza, otherwise I would have done it :smiley:

In the Routes menu, go to Ironman, those are all video and accurate routes.

I did use a no video map once to see how far Id get on the Barcelona course at a certain power output. I did it once for about 90mins while I listened to a podcast. I cant see myself doing it again.

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Thanks Joex.

I might have got the wrong end of the stick, something I read in a magazine made me think it could take a route with gpx coordinates and let you ride a sort of Google Street view version of the route??

I havent looked into that, I think Kinomap does that sort of thing?

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Sounds interesting, will check it out

I kn ow this conversation seems long dead but I have been on Rouvy for about 6 months now and really enjoy it. However, why is there no Lanzarote route available. All those IM courses but no Lanzarote!
Does anyone know if Rouvy has any plans or not to fix this? Or, does anyone know someone who can let me know how to find the Lanz IM circuit elsewhere?
Any help really appreciated

You could try Bkool, it has thousands of routes available. Some have video, some a virtual landscape and others just a map of the route but the distances, elevation etc. would be the same whatever the option.

I was looking recently and thought the same, they make a big thing of being IMs partner and have some courses but loads missing including Lanza.

Guess it doesn’t help that the bike course has changed a few times last few years in Lanza

Had a quick look on Bkool, as I still have my log-on but don’t use it anymore (no smart trainer)
This was the first I came a cross but there are a number of options broken up into different chunks.
Couldn’t find one with it all in one ride.

And option is to use the Tacx app, you can import a GPX file and it’ll give you a satellite view but not a street view

Found a full one on Bkool, it hasn’t got video but it creates a virtual world to ride through based on the GPX.

Ps. Anyone can upload routes, I did a few local ones when I used it and found they were pretty accurate to real life in terms of power/time etc.

I ended finding a 6 hour YouTube clip and riding to that. Not all at once I hasten to add

Someone kindly posted helmet go pro footage

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Yeah I dont know how you submit stuff to Rouvy, but I think all it takes is the gpx file and the video that matches it.

Perhaps we could TT crowdsource a photographer out there to do it for us?

The view for the majority from left to right is:

Lava - Road - Lava


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Wow! thanks for all the info Guys - I’m going to be busy tonight. Seems a shame that with so much interest for Lanzarote that there’s nothing available. I keep riding IM Canada - usually on my own - but it’s got 3 big climbs so similar-ish. Thanks again

Bkool has a free trial (a month I think) so you could give it a go without any outlay.

Now I do:

Looks like they’ve been hoping someone will do IM Lanza for some years.