Running without socks

The last sprint tri, I ran without socks and my shoes rubbed against my achilles causing a bit of blood. Anyone got any tips to prevent?

My friend suggested using tape (I think he meant kinesiology tape) but thinking it will come off in the swim? Perhaps a shed load of talcum powder?

Talc is useful for drying and getting your feet it. Mostly.its about getting used to it. Do some training runs without socks.

If you get hotspots you just cant get used to then either bodyglide those parts or I would be tempted to use a scholl blister plaster and then use the tape to hold that in place during the swim.

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Unless you’re battling for podiums, I’d just use socks. But then, I do this for fun.


If it rubs bad you’ll go slower anyway

Thanks I think I’ll give that a go :+1:

It’s a local event so I should be quite high in my age cat and I enjoy going for my fastest time possible whether I would podium or not. In the same event last year I spent 3m 10 in transitions, part of this was faffing with laces, useless coordination getting off the bike, and running on cleats. Determined to sort it out for this year.

It’s only 5km and I don’t feel the rubbing during the run only afterwards.

Never use socks in a sprint/olympic tri, just took a few training runs to get used to it, always put a bit of talc in my trainers which seemed to help

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Mine was a half in a 70.3 huge pb
But I could really feel it for sure…

I’m trying to get in a sprint next week, no socks in that !

Zoot slip ins!!

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I Vaseline the toe box and heel before sprint tris. Anything longer and o wear socks to run


I rub petroleum jelly into the fabric/padding on the heel of the shoe. Does the job on the day, and causes no permanent damage to the shoes. I would run up to Oly dist without socks like that.

#IMJ answer :wink:

Zinc oxide tape works well, certainly used to for early XC rounds when spikes irritated the balls of my feet

I forgot socks for a run and ended up with blisters which took me out of run training for days. It’s just not worth it to me. But hey ho, at least I swim faster than the cut off time even with a rip tide.

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+1 for talc and practice

Don’t be flippant; there are rip-tides and there are ‘rip tides’.