Runpod useful stats/analysis?

I got a free zwift runpod but run outside almost entirely - is there any useful stats of analysis you can get with one of these?

Zwift itself doesn’t seem to give any detail at all on the run I’ve done.

That one just broadcasts pace, distance and cadence I believe. So nothing more than a basic Garmin footpod from years and years ago. Most watches now have that stuff inbuilt for treadmill running, altho a footpod will be a bit more accurate.

You’re not getting anything like a Stryd with that. It’s why it’s free!

The main use outside would be why I had my original Garmin footpod…pace data in tunnels and the like. The Big Half for example has a mile+ stretch in the Limehouse tunnel, so footpod are good there altho as mentioned, the watch itself will give you some approximate data

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Cheers, if I recall correctly cadence doesn’t tell you much either.

Ah well, thanks anyway.:+1:

it tells you what your cadence is for that period of running - what’s not to like???

the point is that the number is only part of the story…