Sarah Place, running pace

Hey that rhymes! I used to watch a lot of Ben Parkes but despite being fast AF he got so whiny after breaking his ankle, you’d think he’d been diagnosed with imminent death, I gave up. Get back to me when you’ve had six spine ops champ!

His g/f, Sarah Place has her own channel now and apart from every now and again talking like her b/f (emphasising completely random words) I quite enjoy her fledgling channel.

She posted this today. Now, she has run a 21hr 100 miler, and has I’m pretty sure a 3:19 marathon to her name but she says here that her 10km PB is 45min. On a good day I can go 42.30 for a10km but even a bad 10km sees me around 45min but I couldn’t get anywhere close to a 3;26 mara. At Newport my stretch goal was going to be 3.40 but probably closer to 3.45.

What gives?

I’m not a great runner so no advice but this is the VDOT equivalent chart.


So I’m pretty good at 10kms and rubbish at marathons? :laughing:

My non expert advice it to run more. And faster. :joy:

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hmm, that seems like some kind of effort you are suggesting there? :thinking:

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My PB list is

5km - 19:30
10km - 43:xx
HM - 1:33:xx
Mar - 3:49:xx

All set about 4 years ago. I’ve just never put the hard yards in for a faster marathon. Apparently I should be under 3:10 with that 5km time.

I actually have a marathon in April but still don’t expect I’ll get anywhere near 3:10. I’d be absolutely delighted with 3:30


Interesting thread!

I’ve thought for some time that my HM is a little bit soft.

I can get round a 5k in 18-19 minutes, as a regular weekly effort. PB 17 minutes something.

10k PB 37 minutes, albeit several years ago. Now, confident I could get under 39 without breaking myself.

HM PB 1:26, set last year at Edinburgh.
Targeting sub 1:25 this year before Covid hit…

We aren’t that far apart from each other. I have run a sub 20 but it was a lifetime ago and I only count post spinal op times these days, as my body is completely different now. For me its:

5km 20:47
10km 42.33
HM 1.38
Marathon is 4.10 IIRC but that was at the OMM festival last year, which was a trail marathon and I think 800mtrs vert.


Not far apart at all. My mara was on the road and flat so probably comparable.

Anyway I’ll hand over to the experts to tell you where you are going wrong or you’ll get stuck in mediocrity comfort speaking to me :joy:

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Her trainers :joy:

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Okay…I’ll bite :grimacing:

My “official” marathon PB is 3:27 at 75kg

However…I’ve ran through 26.2 miles in 3:08 as part of a 30 mile canal run at 70kg (Grantham to Nottingham, then back the next day) and did 3:22 at Outlaw in 2019 at 81kg

Other PBs at 70kg are:
1M: 5:00.7
5km: 17:07
10km: 35:01

A decade later at 80kg:
HM: 1:20:38

I ran a solo 5km about three weeks ago and just smudged under 20 minutes.
Although, from 2018-2019 parkruns, I know that can get down to 18 minutes in about eight weeks.
It’s the next minute that takes the effort :sob::tropical_drink::cocktail::wine_glass::tumbler_glass:

So…mine are all over the place!!!
A mile is proper hard
5km is hard.
10km is tough
HM is nice
Mara is hard.

HM is a perfect race distance for me.
Courses can be a minute difference with the twists and turns, I always find it exceptionally hard to get going again after a U-Turn.


Training consistency mainly…but also genetics, efficiency, biomx, form, specific preparation etc…but mainly consistency…

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Unfortunately for me I just watched that video, and have 2 takeaways -

  1. She looked like she was shifting a lot faster than 45min pace. Good form (it looked like good form to me) can be deceiving.
  2. I couldn’t watch any more of her content, god knows how irritating her fella is if she is the non-irritating version. “I’m doing this for yooouuuuuu…” No you’re not, you’re doing it for likes.
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She’s a lot less irritating than her b/f, so let that be your guide. He is very fast though, I think a pb of 2.25.

I’m only subscribed to two channels on YT.

Ginger Runner.

What’s that famous saying again?

A fast marathoner doth not a YouTube sensation make.

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I guess it is what you train for

Mara 3h6m
HM 1h27m
10k 39:19
5k 18:29

I think I could get my Mara and HM times down a bit now, but not run any races since last October

5k - yuk I hate running threshold
10k - still running at threshold
HM - much more pleasant, I run comfortably in 4:05 to 4:15/km zone. I think I can edge this up to 3:55-4:05/km based on running earlier this summer
Mara - Very nice until last 6km when I realise that I have got pacing and nutrition wrong


All my PBs getting on for 10 years old :cry: but
5k: 16:59
10k: 36:12
HM 1:18
M 2:52


Mine are even older except the two long ones

But all set in tri” s

5 … 17:56
10… 38:09
Half 1:30 last year
Mara 3:52…?! Last year

Stand alone not much faster apart from the Mara


Mine are probably 15/20yrs old but

5k 15:50
10k 33:20
HM 70ish
Mara 3:16

Marathon distance was one of the first races I did so was pretty inexperienced. I like to think my diesel engine & training ethic have improved but unfortunately my age will have negated any gains.


Wow !!!
I’d trade my 10k for that 5km.