Sarah True claims she was "restrained" at IM Frankfurt

6:00 minutes in she blames the guy who had genuine concern for her well being

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I can’t watch this at work, and my phone is broken. Is she saying that an official was over-zealous and stopped her continuing?

Getting into this state a second time this season and not finishing doesn’t seem very ‘professional’.

She’s saying the competitor who held her arm to check she was ok, was the reason she fell down and then the medical team should have let her continue

If she was in a fit state to continue someone holding her arm wouldn’t have made her fall over

There’s a bit of discussion going on ST about whether she should get a free pass to Kona. The consensus is no on the basis it was her own doing, not a car crash like Tim Don for example.
Her coming out and effectively blaming the guy who tried to help her maybe makes that more likely.

She’s clutching at straws. If the heat of Cairns & Frankfurt did for her, how’s Kona going to pan-out…

Is there any footage of the actual ‘incident’

Gets spicy from about 13:00

There’s a 1 min video of just the collapse and the helper but can’t link it at work.
To blame him is ridiculous, she was already wobbling severely.

Urrgh quite horrible to watch actually :frowning_face:

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Not able to watch any of this until this evening, but I’ve been in that situation on the banks of the Main. A spectator came up to see if I was okay; I had stopped, and put my hands on my knees and felt dizzy. I sat on a bench for a couple of minutes, then found some shade to lie in for an indeterminable period of time. Obviously I went on to finish init.


She is very frustrated at not making it to Kona, unfortunately she comes across as blaming other people, competitors, medical staff, qualification system and organisers for not shortening the race as was done in Nice. That comes across as sour grapes and as for moaning about the travelling and racing alone in foreign countries welcome to being an age grouper!

Hope she turns it around and gets there on merit not being given a slot

Sounds like she should get another job and have triathlon as a hobby?

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there’s a discussion going on amongst us TOs on a FB group about management of heat stress in events. neatly summed up by one of us who just happens to be an A&E nurse - “Risks of uncompensated heat stress are death or permanent disability. All those cell proteins? Like frying an egg, easy to pass point of no return”.

athletes are often their own worst enemy with “finish line fever” - us TOs and medics need to manage these to ensure they are healthy to race another day and don’t put themselves at risk. for example, the moaning we get from athletes when we ban wetsuits in water above certain temps - well folks, there’s a reason we do that and it’s called your health and safety. If you want to boil yourself in a bag, go elsewhere.

ST was her own enemy here - not others she is blaming.


I don’t see her getting any sympathy for this complaint. It was clear that she was unable to continue or that allowing her to continue would have put her in real danger, it is really unfortunate, and she put in a tremendous performance, but I think she over cooked the run

If you watch the whole thing, she opens by stating that she couldn’t remember the last 4K (hazy) and she hasn’t watched the footage.

I’ll bet you dollars to donuts the word “restrained” comes from one of her friends - and if she watches what actually happened, she’ll realise…

I was watching the whole thing with interest.
When she said she was “restrained” that’s when I was like “WTF?”

I’m sure she’s seen the whole thing as the video is posted on her own channel.

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I mean FFS a minute or so earlier she was “restrained” by a huge concrete bridge support that she ran into!



running yourself into the ground when you have a lead like that isn’t ‘strong’ or ‘tough’, it’s fucking stupid.

‘the question is, if I hadn’t been restrained would I have made it to the finish line’?

Seems like most of her brain cells were fried, she couldn’t even stand up, let alone move forward.

Watched the video:
Any medic not helping her in that state would be going down for gross misconduct. Well done to the other competitor who stopped to help her.

What a stupid woman to try and blame others.