Selcof (Planet X) rear disc

Any opinions? Specifically this disc, or regarding rear discs in general.
Any value at the lower end of the pack. 20mph ish?

Disks are very aerodynamic. It’s hard to make a crap one though possibly there are some.

The thing about aero stuff only working at certain speeds is bullshit. Something doesnt become aerodynamic suddenly. Drag squares with speed so yes the effect becomes greater the higher the speed, but if you’re slower, you’ll be out there longer and so will still benefit over no disk. Plus they look and sound cool.


Completely agree with @GRamsay

I’ve heard the Selcof one is a bit flexi - I’ve never ridden it though

Somewhere around 500 isn’t it?


They don’t have them at the minute. I might be able to get one for £300.

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Selcof ones are a spoked wheel with a permanent cover on.
Not sure if they make the noise.

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Shrouded spoked is good, in the form of FLO at least. You get the compliance of spokes, way less cost, not as much whump-whump but there is some for sure, slight weight penalty but quicker than any deep rim I’ve tried over more of a range of courses than you might imagine.

Also, a 50-quid ebay cover from the time trialist bloke in Liverpool is good, although a faff. At IM Wales a few years ago I’d estimate it to have been approx neutral cf the Reynolds Strike 66 it was mounted on, for a 6hr split. I pace lined with someone for 1+HR and I gained on each flat whilst he gained on each hill; was quite fun to observe.


No experience of the disc I’m afraid but I do have one of the Selcof Tri spokes for the front and it is amazeballs !! I use it all the time and leave the zipp 808 in the spare bag it’s that good.

If I didn’t have two discs already I’d definitely go for the selcof on the basis of my experience with their other wheels.


I have the Flo disk and while you don’t get the carbon sound it is very fast.

I’ve ridden it in crazy winds too and never felt unsafe, I’ve just left the 60off the front and gone with a shallow rim.

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There you go.
Nothing but good things about the Selcof disc.

I’ve been eyeing up the Vitesse eBay disc cover for some time

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Yeah I’ve been looking at that. I currently have a 50mm Planet X rear that the disc could permanently live on.

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PX 101mm here.
I’d keep the Zipps on the roadie and use the PX 82mm up front on the Tri bike.

I’ll buy it as soon as there’s an event on the horizon.

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