Selling a bike

I’ve got a 2012 Felt DA4 in my cellar that I’m going to sell. 56 frame.

What is a reasonable price for something like this now? There are a few scratches and dings as you’d maybe expect on an 8 year old bike.
I’m going to get it stripped and serviced next week.

I would comb the Internet looking for recent examples on classified sites. Avoid eBay if you can, unless they’re doing a special reduced selling fee promotion.

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Whenever I sell something, I consider two questions:

What’s the most secure way I can sell it? (local, nobody coming to your house, through friends, riding clubs etc)

Am I selling it for money, or space?

When I want rid, I sell things for the price that will have the fewest tyre kickers (joint casers) and the fastest transaction. I work out what I think it’s worth and take 30% off of that.


Don’t bother with getting it serviced.
It’ll add zero onto the end price.
eBay is by far the most secure way of selling.
The 11% total fees stings, but it’s cash you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

About £1.4k on eBay.
They’re still a decent bike :+1:t3:



I’ve come off it once and messed about changing wheels, cranks etc many times so I want to make sure it is running smoothly for whoever gets it. Also it has been sat in my cellar for 2 years, as I had to keep it for my insurance claim when I got knocked off.

I’d hate to sell someone a bike without knowing it was completely safe and working.


There is that :see_no_evil:
Have a look at what has sold on the timetrialling forum, too.
Mine was a cursory eBay search.

Also…take off anything expensive and replace it with cheaper parts, like 105/SRAM Apex/FSA Gossamer.

I paid £400 for my Exocet II frameset and groupset with no wheels, but with ultegra and DA cranks and a £110 SRAM dinner plate (but it has Apex brakes with are abysmal)
A club mate paid the same and got one of those sexy FSA NeoPro carbon cranksets, which still eBay for £150ish.

The extra parts add zero value to the product, they just help it sell faster :+1:t3:

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I use facebook groups for selling - the “Road,time trial and triathlon bikes and parts for sale” group is fairly active but there’s a plethora of others as well where a TT bike would fit in.

Paypal only, and buyer pays fee if he wants protection. Means I avoid that 11% eBay fee as mentioned.

But I use ebay to see roughly what they are going for (use the “previously sold” or whatever it’s called when searching).

But importantly as Poet points out, don’t flaunt it or your garage will end up a lot cleaner.

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If my trip to Halfords yesterday was anything to go buy, second hand bikes should be fetching good money. They hardly had a bike on the floor and a few signs up saying they were experiencing severe stock problems.


10 speed carbon tt bikes are pennies, unless they are covered in bling from d2zero, watt shop, aerocoach etc.

I think a few people will give up on tri/ multi sport after this year.


See what I mean about taking the wheels off!!!

That’s about £300 wheels right there (unless he was replacing them, selling without)

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Wheels are a catch 22. Good wheels can help sell the bike but you will rarely get what you could if you sold the separately but that may scupper selling the bike altogether.

When I sold my last TT bike ( through the classified in CW), despite the bike and wheels being 8 yrs old, two things sold it. The brand name of the bike (Pinarello) and the wheels (HED).

When I sell the P3 though, I will buy a new set of cheap allow wheels to sell it as a whole bike but I will keep the 404s to either sell on their own ( if I get a disc road bike) or carry on using them with the Bianchi.


I bought the first plasma tt.
Facebook market place.

Wigan or some other third World town IIRC?

I paid £500, the wheels, early mavic cosmic carbons, were virtually brand new?!

I sold them complete … with tyres, sticks , block 410… ish,

Everything else got me 150+ in one job lot, I kept the frame, forks, saddle, brakes and cages which were all mint.

This cost me 800 … ish.


You will get charged a Final Value Fee by eBay, which is 10% iirc. Then there’s the PayPal fee, which is 2.9%ish. You can’t avoid the FVF without doing some dodgy dealing which will probably cost you a Strike.

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I only ever sell stuff on these weekends.

Start off at 99p unless it’s of any value I.e. over £200 ish

Currently got 33 items ready for the next off load.


Sale is on…!

I’d put a few bits on here, but it’s mostly 99p start stuff that I have multiple examples of, I need the space more than the dough at the min.

  • if anyone has a light, titanium railed saddle, carbon won’t work… I’m all ears.

If anyone is in the market for a good value everyday bike, Mrs FB and me are selling our Isaac Pascal carbon road bikes - mine’s a 56cm frame and red, hers is 49cm and black. Both have Campag Centaur 10 speed triples, Mavic CXP22 wheels with Conti GP4 Season tyres (25mm), Dede bars but finishing kit is slightly different. Seen loads of miles and trips in many countries (Thailand and Colombia included) and have been very very very reliable.

Great as a 2nd bike, commute hack or maybe for someone starting out and looking for a good bike at a bargain price.

£200 each

PM if of interest. They’re on FB marketplace as well.


Someone’s going to get a bargain there, hope they go to a good home :+1:

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I can ask my club mates if anyone’s interested.

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