Selling Concert Tickets

So, I bought Sparks tickets for London, then a month later they announced a gig in Manchester which suits me much better.

The friend I’m going with reckons I’ll make a killing selling the London tickets but I don’t know where to start. All the main sites seem to be associated with shady dealing so is there an ethical option?

Do I need to wait until the tickets arrive?

Thanks for any advice

When I bought tickets for something for my daughter they were sold by Ticketmaster. I dont know if they were ones refunded by them, I think they were being sold on behalf of someone. Might be worth a look.

The confirmation e-mail says no refunds or exchanges - but it’s probably worth contacting the box office to see if that’s really the case. I presume there’s no waiting list but worth checking in case there is.

Someone who loves Sparks will no doubt take them for face value which is ethical all round.


OMFG, a Tri Talk for Sparks fans :rofl: