Shoe sizing

Need new shoes for road bike but not sure what size to get without going to try on. Tried some Fizik in a shop and they were comfy, think 45 but can’t remember.

Currently in Specialized size 45/10.5
Normal shoes are 10 or 10.5

How do DHB shoes come up? The Aeron carbon are a decent price right now.

There’s a Fizik powerstrap in a 45 at Wiggle, might give them a try.

Not much help, but I recently tried a load on and was amazed just how differently they fit between brands, seemed a lot more variation than running shoes. Not just length but shape and width, Shimano are super narrow for example.

My takeaway was if I was going to buy some in future I’d want a good returns policy or be able to try on in store

I have a pair of the R5 powerstrap for commuting. They do feel cheap compared to my Time Osmos. Also size larger and bit bulky

I think the variance in fit makes it hard. Will try a couple, can always send back if they’re not right. My old shoes are still wearable but one of the buckles has broken.

If you’ve got wide feet, I’ve always found Northwave give the best feel. Italian brands always seem to come up narrow.

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Yep I loved them northwave in store.
But didn’t like their buckles to be able to do sprint triathlons in so passed for now. Will probably buy some in summer though as need a bigger pair (although I’ve made do for the last two years) and just keep the old pair
with normal BOA for races.

Yeah I’m a wide footed oaf. I have Northwave shoes after a recommendation on here. They have their own version of a boa ratchet dial. They’ve been faultless so far to be fair.

Heel of the shoe is reflective as well, which is a neat touch.

Based on your hands, it’s not surprising that you’ve got mahoosive feet.

I’m not that wide footed but can’t fit into the slender Italian shoes. Will see how it goes.