Should I set my treadmill to 1%?

I know we cracked this before, but can’t remember the answer.

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Only if mount it on tubs

Yes, and I routinely use 2% as well; although not using the Treadmill much these days.

Thanks Jorgan. One other point of consensus I can’t remember from the old site: what’s the appropriate size and best anatomical site for an Ironman™ tattoo?

Would hate us to lose the old wisdom in these times of change…

Treadmills should be at 1% whilst running single legged. HTH

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OK thanks I get it. 1% if running with one leg, 2% if running with two legs.

The treadmills at my gym go all the way up to 10% though. Perhaps that’s for a bloke riding a horse with a dog?

That’s the Towel setting

If, hypothetically speaking, I was anatomically gifted, and my ron-schlong were tantamount to a third leg, would a further 1% need to be added?

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Do you have to set it to 4% when wearing Nike VaporFly 4% ?

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“Ir” on the left bumcheek, “nman” on the right.


Forehead? That way, unless you’re robbing a bank - people will always know what an awesome individual you are.

You’d need it in the neck then Jorgan. No one would see it from the front if you’re that fast.

Shaved M-Dot logo in the neck, tattoo coloured in to get it just right.

It’s all about 4% nowadays :wink: