Shout out for the Talbot Cox and Dr. Anton Krige Oxygen Addict Podcasts

Been listening to these a while, and obvs Rooster is well known in these parts, but I ended up listening to the Talbot Cox and Dr. Anton Krige ones whilst driving the other day and they were pretty interesting. It’s cool when he gets some different kind of content on there to break up the athlete interviews (which are still interesting of course).

The former knocked on the head some of the preconceptions about Mr Cox I’d read here, seems like he’s not a trust fund kid at all, just a hustler (meant in a nice way) and he’s got some interesting insights into Lionel, Tim OD and Rinny to share. If Lionel ever wins Kona there should be an interesting doc to come out of it.

The latter was pretty cool too, some really interesting stuff there.

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We don’t hear much from Rooster these days; he’s too busy wrestling with Simon Ward for IMJ customers :joy:

Hey, I’m still here, just lurking! I’m even going to chip in ££ to keep TT running, baby!! Oh, and there’s no wrestling with Simon, there’s just no contest :wink:


Thanks for the mention, PP - really appreciate it. I really like those two interviews too. The Anton Krige one in particular has got me totally reevaluating how I coach my athletes, and how I approach my life too, TBH. There’s got to be more to it these days that just ‘training plan and coaching advice.’ Watch this space :slight_smile: