Show me your pants!

Preferably by a hyperlink to a new pair rather than your specific personal pair…

Appreciate some just prefer a nice lined shorts instead of undershorts but I rarely run commando so for the last several years I’ve used a combination of Skins A200 compression which typically wear on longer or harder runs and Runderwear boxers which are good especially if im say doing a run and then getting changed before a shower and going for a coffee say post-parkrun as they are close to just normal pants.

Today after many years loyal service I noticed a hole has appeared in the back of my skins after one too many bottom burps so can’t imagine they are long for this world!

I really like these shorts but they were expensive so I often used to pick them up the annual offer sweatshop used to do of half price (£25 down from £50) but obviously Sweatshop has gone and I think Skins after several bankruptcy calls is very different now so does anyone have suggestions for similar shorts that are high quality, comfortable like skins and not an obscene prize because they have the magical blessed by a wizard powers of compression?

At the Fosters end of the market I bought a second pair of Red Venom compression shorts to complement the older pair I’ve been happy with.

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Anywhere near a TK Max? They usually have at least a couple of rails full of good quality running/compression shorts at fair prices. Not sure what their online options are like.

The decathlon kalenji undershorts are great, although if you want particular compression they’re not giving that, but there as good as the runderwear ones for a few quid.

I’ve got all sorts, Sondico, Runderweaongd, NIKE Pro,

They all work well but the Nike are my favourite.


20% off Runderwear at the moment

thanks for the tips guys. Dont have a local TK max so usually just check them out when in a big city. Might take a trip to my nearest Decathlon though😁