Sidewall cut

So this happen 10k into my ride yesterday. Changed the tube and shoved a £5 note to try block the hole to get me home but it didn’t work. Question, is this tyre just fit
for the bin or can it be fixed somehow?

Bin I’d say unfortunately

Never had a sidewall cut before. Has something been rubbing on it, the sidewall looks more worn than the tread.

You could try a puncture repair on the inside but I think you might struggle to get it to bond to the cord inside. Maybe try super glue each side?

Brake track on that Zonda looks well worn too!

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Black witch :wink:

Does that actually work?

i would highly doubt it. It barely holds my wetsuit in place !

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I don’t think Zonda’s have a wear indicator, so wondering what makes you say that?

try a better tyre boot on the inside - something a bit thicker than a £5 - should keep it going for a while longer

Centre looks a fair amount thinner than the outer edges - it may well be fine but just something to look out for I guess!

I use a bit of coke can, cut with rounded corners to avoid damaging the tube. Works a treat. I cut it with proper tin snips to avoid any sharp bits… you only need a piece the size of a small sticking plaster, and even better, you can prep one and stick it in your saddle bag without any impact. I wouldn’t trust it for races, nor for 100 milers, but they remain handy for a local knockabout spare on summer wheels.

I wouldn’t use metal - plastic or rubber is better. some people swear by a cut up plastic toothpaste squeezy - flexible but tough

I carry a piece of duct tape in my saddle bag in the hope that it would work. I’ve not actually had to put it to the test but I tend to live by the rule that if it can’t be duct it’s f**cked.


2 new GP5000s ordered for my TT bike and I’ll move the slower Durano over to the road bike.

Figured I’d want to replace the slow tyres on those wheels before next season so why not just do it now and use those tyres on the road bike now.

I’ve used a puncture repair patch; worked perfectly.

NZ dollar bill -

I guess a sterling fiver folded would work…

A gel wrapper makes a good tyre boot

It’s amazing, who would’ve thought that rubber would be a good thing to patch rubber! For the size of sidewall cut there a small road patch would’ve been fine. For a large cut, then you might need a gel wrapper or duct tape or something, or an actual tyre boot (again rubber is great for this, why not chop up an old tyre to make some!)