Similar to ISM Adamo TT?


If I need a new saddle what would be similar?

Looks like two bananas to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is that a saddle that survived the nuclear holocaust but now lives underwater?


I have an Adamo Prologue on one bike, not sure if that’s the same as yours, and a PS1.0 on another. Can’t say I notice any difference when swapping between bikes.

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Some of us have to go without champagne when a new saddle costs a hundred squid, all right?


Similar, not the same.

I am thinking of something narrower as my inner thighs have always rubbed this saddle. Only a problem once as the lycra protects me, but an obvious improvement if I can find it.

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The PS1 is slightly shorter and narrower than the Prologue. 270/135mm vs 250/130mm. But I think all ISM’s are reasonably wide? So your question might be recommend a saddle that isn’t similar to an Adamo :slightly_smiling_face:

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Get a dash 9.

Possibly the best thing I ever bought

100-130 on e bay, I got one as new for 140, can ride it with no cream and tri shorts for long periods

Just the best

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Wasn’t criticising it’s well-used appearance, not at all. (Well, maybe a bit :smiley:) Just that it looks weird like a sort of mutant saddle with 2 heads.



I know it looks shit. I must’ve used it since 2017 and the tri bike is usually on the trainer which I use all week every week so it’s seen a lot of use age.

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@Mungo2 also a Dash 9 owner.

Paid full whack for mine after a 12 hour TT on an Adamo ripped my arse to shreds and had me off the bike for 2 weeks.

I was desperate, gambled that if it didn’t work I’d get most of the money back reselling.

It’s not that soft, but it just….works. 12hr TTs, IM’s on tough roads on just a thin Tri suit pad - no problem.

Silly expensive, but has turned out to be the best and most loved bike related purchase I’ve made.


The Dash have a weight limit of 95kg though, right?

What’s the difference between the 7 and 9, apart from 20g of weight?

UCI legal

The 9 is long enough to be legal the 7 isn’t … I think.

The strike is the “ road bike version’ heavier but wider at the back, I have one, never used it ! brilliant saddles.

Your 95 kg?

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More :sob::sob::sob:

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The custom made ones you order direct from the USA allow you to specify rider weight, as well as colour/width/padding depth.

Price will make your toes curl mind, but if it makes as much a difference to your TT ing as it did me it will feel like a bargain.


It’s all about gebiomized now isn’t it?!

I looked :open_mouth:

More than I paid for the TT bike :wink:

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I’ve a Dash 9 in my spares box. I got it off eBay and tried it on the turbo but my derrière said no thanks. Not enough padding for my bony sit bones.

ÂŁ100 posted if anyone wants it.


The Specialized Sitero (1st gen) is what I’ve had in my TT bike the last couple of years. It’s not the same as an Adamo but does have that big gentleman’s relief channel.



What about this one?
Absolute bargain :joy: