Slowtwitch run 100/100

I did every day in 2018 and it was the least injured I have been in a year.
It taught me to run slowly instead of thinking I had to blast every run session to make the most of them as I had done in previous years.
Really improved my 5K and half marathon times and just felt generally a stronger runner which showed in the XC races of 2018/19 season.
So positive from me as long as you manage your runs carefully.


What were your shortest runs?

I set myself a target of 5k to be my shortest run.
Started the year pretty much doing 5k a day but then as the year progressed and I got stronger I put in longer runs.


You have it set in miles.

:frowning_face: :cry:

No @TriCurious, just no.

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Haha, always deal in miles @gingerbongo unless I am doing a 5K or 10K race :grinning:

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