Smartwatch Recommendations

Hi all. Looking for a Galaxy A5 (2017) compatible watch for our daughter. Budget up to £100.

There’s lots out there, but many of the websites and reviews look suspect. Can anyone point me in the direction of a decent watch from a legit/reliable website. Many thanks!

I picked up a Garmin vivosport 3 for my daughter (13yrs) and using the BLE connection and garmin connect she can get the messages ping to her garmin.
I got mine from eBay for £30 instead of the £120 a week in and she split the strap by accident so I contacted Garmin about a strap and they replaced the complete watch under warranty.

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Fitbit are user-friendly watches (my missus can navigate one :stuck_out_tongue: ) she has the Versa Lite ( - £99.99

Another good watch is the Huawei watch fit ( - £119.99

Otherwise have a look at cheaper Garmin models such as the Fenix Pro series :joy:

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