Snowdon 24

I’m on the hunt for silly things to do next year and this caught my eye

How many times can you make it up and down Snowdon in 24 hours. Looks good. Can do as many or a few as you like. Some tactical things to think about as well. Do you go for constant rep, rest, rep rest. Or try and bank a good few reps with short rest. Then take a kip for a few hours, up and go again for more reps. I suspect the people at the pointy end wont sleep and will go with short rest breaks and keep constantly logging reps.

Just engage #beastmode

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I honestly dont think I have one.

I’d take that little train up and then run down :smiley:

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It’s about 30 quid a go. Might start to get a bit expensive

We’ve been thinking about doing something similar on a local hill. It’s about 1.5km and 150m elevation gain. We’ve done the vk on it (7reps) and this seemed like the natural conclusion. Either that or a running everest attempt.

Deffo go for it though! And don’t even be considering sleep! It’s only 24 hrs. Just crack on. No need to stop for very long either. Soup and a coffee, off you go son. :slight_smile:

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Hmm, could be interested!

Mid July?
It’ll be rammed.

We were at Tryfan this weekend and I was shocked by how many people were there.

Last time we went up Snowdon, there was no parking from Nant Peris to Pen-y-Pass (at 8am), so we parked at Rhyd Ddu and didn’t see anyone until we got onto the ridge :scream:

Watkin or Ranger would be nice :smiling_imp:
That first bit of Ranger after the farm is an absolute killer

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Need to learn the Welsh for “out the fucking way”


Do the 3000s.
Solo. Alone.
Then do it in reverse to get back to your car.
That should take 24 hours.
Don’t post it to Strava.
Don’t tell anyone you’ve done it.


Good point, I walked it couple of weeks ago up Pyg/down Miners and was getting frustrated at traffic

Mas o’r fuckin ffordd!

Wales is a big fan of the f word!


Go up via Crib Goch.

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Sleeping in a 24hr ?.. tsk