Snowdonia Snowman Legend 71.6

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Anyone on here done this?

I’ve had a look at the maps and know from experience that the Capel Curig Road is windyAF, but wanted to hear any firsthand experience.

The single loop course massively appeals to me, but it could also be a lonely day out.

Also wondering what the jog up Moel Siabod is like - any mountain gear needed, for mandatory race rules?
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Not done the legend but did the standard last year which was a brilliant event, well ran and really friendly.

I did get lucky with the 2018 heatwave making it quite nice although the swim was still pretty cold.

Don’t know how much of the loop is shared but the roads were better than I expected. The start part of the run was up stone tracks, fairly good footing and just keep on moving. The descent was technical in a few places but I loved it and went past quite a few people, but fellrunning does help that.

Have you considered the Half Brutal in September, 2 bike loops on reasonably decent roads. Then run round the lake and up Snowdon and back down. Always wanted to have another go at this but it’s always clashed with something. You do need fell kit for this run though.


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Cheers @jeffb

Not free for the Brutal weekend - I’ve got the kit required and have crewed for the full previously, so have ran the run course and bike loop (in reverse)

I’m free the end of this month and was looking to capitalise on some good form I’ve found down the back of the sofa :wink:

I did look at doing the single iron at the Deca…but the thought of running that amount of loops puts me right off :see_no_evil:

I did the snowman legend in 2017. It was such a great race! Need to go back and do it again.

I can’t remember it being windy at all when I did it so can’t help there.

We had to take clothes on the run that would provide full body cover, but that rule was weather dependent. If the forecast is good I don’t think they have that rule, but it was fairly damp, cool and the mountain was covered in cloud when I did it. Think I took a woolly hat, gloves, arm warmers, maybe a lightweight rain jacket and water proof trowsers packed in/ on my camel back. If I did it again I’d just take the hat, gloves, arm and leg warmers - but I didn’t have leg warmers at the time so I had to take the waterproof trousers for leg cover.

The “jog” up moel siabod is a walk for almost everyone, it is very steep and the trail was more of a stream when I did it. Lots of slippy loose slate rock and a few boggy parts for good measure. I imagine maybe the leaders could run up parts but I don’t remember seeing anyone running up it - so you all go at roughly the same pace.

Where you can definitely make up lots of time is on the way down. People who knew how to run down steep uneven terrain, had the foot speed, technique and confidence could fly down. If you don’t have that you end up slipping over a lot and falling in ditches like a tit/me.


Cheers :heart_eyes_cat:
That’s a great response.

I was good at running downhill…used to love XC and doing everyone over that went past me going up :ok_hand:t4:

I’m no fell runner, though.


Sorry I misread. Didn’t read Slateman, that’s one of the others in the series isn’t it. Snowman did have the climb up and down moel siabod in it though.

Yeah. I meant Snowman :see_no_evil:
Slateman is FREEZING and in May

Lol, my reply was for the slateman not the snowman, and I did think it was odd you were asking about a race that had gone :joy:

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Soz pal :see_no_evil: